Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Tradition!! Recipes of Collards and Black Eye Peas

I did my shopping today for tomorrow. I picked up some beautiful Collard Greens from my favorite store Kroger and some dried black eye peas. Let's not forget a bottle of wine for tonight! I know its a big tradition in the South to make these every New Year's Day . The peas bring luck and the greens bring wealth!

                                                         My goods from shopping!


My Collards


Bunch of Collard Greens
3 Smoked Pork Neckbone (or any smoked meat you prefer )
Black pepper
Vegetable oil
Hot Sauce

Get your large pot fill 2/3 of the way with water put on stove top with pork and about 2 -3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and start boiling water.

Wash and clean the collards. Most people clean out the sink add salt and cold water into the sink and add the collards and any sand left on them will all fall to the bottom.

Break off the fatter part of the stems ( I Prefer some stems in mine)
Tear the leaves into pieces.
Throw the leaves in the boiling water and cover they will over fill your pot but they will cook down.
After it cooks down add  salt and pepper to taste.
Cook medium heat until the texture you like.( I never measure and I never keep time I do all by taste so I can't give you precise times and measurements.)When its the way you like them turn them off and they are ready for chowing down!

Black Eye Peas 

Bag of dried Black Eye Peas (I'm using 12oz bag)
Bacon or Smoked pork

Wash peas and follow directions on cooking instructions on the bag .
 Start cooking peas in amount of water as the bag says in a  medium pot.
Add salt, pepper and pork. Cover and cook on low heat about two hours or until they are tender.
 Add more salt and pepper if needed.
Then ready for some eating!

Corn Bread

2 cups of self- rising cornmeal
1 egg
1 1/2 cups of milk
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
2 tablespoon of sugar if you like it sweet

Grease your baking sheet or cake pan.
Preheat oven to 425.
 Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until their are no lumps and looks wet.
Pour into Greased pan and cook 20-25 minutes.
Turn off oven and enjoy!

Any left over cornbread you can do what my mom does crumble it into a cup add milk and eat!

Make the best of our last day in 2012!!!
I hope y'all enjoy these recipes! I wish you all good health, good luck and wealth for 2013!
Have a Safe night out there and remember if you've been drinking don't get behind the wheel!

                 Stay Safe and Happy New Year !

New Year's Eve Celebrations in Georgia!

Hey Y'all sorry I haven't blogged in a while.I have been super busy with 3 birthdays and Christmas. December is the busiest month in my family. Hopefully now I can get back into my blogging!

Well to let y'all know we solved the problem with the wrestler present for Gabe we just gave him 20 bucks along with the rest of his toys and he was way happier with that! He ended up buying 2 wrestlers!

Here we go, about to have 2012 in our past. I guess we survived 12/21. For those still in hiding y'all can come out we are all still here!!

We will be staying in tonight. Usually this is what goes on at my place. We watch some movies and then wait for the Peach to drop. Right now the boys are playing Wii with their dad and having a great time!  A couple years back we did go to something called the Nugget drop at a local Truett's Grill. The boys liked that it had fireworks, inflatables and games for the kid. At 12 they drop a giant nugget into a big packet of sauce!
Here are the addresses for the Peach Drop and the Nugget Drop if anyone is looking for last minute plans for the family!

The Peach Drop is located at Underground Atlanta:
50 upper Alabama St. SW Atlanta, GA

For the south side The Nugget Drop is:
1785 Jonesboro Rd. Mcdonough, GA

Here are some other events at this website!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Searching For That Perfect Gift!

If you have a child you know how they are when they want nothing but that one toy that they must have! Yesterday we took the kids to see Santa and they told him what they wanted. Gabe is hooked on one specific toy.
                                                          The Kiddos with Santa

Well this year we have decided to wait until the last minute to get Gabe that 1 wrestler with the certain clothes that only one store carries. So right now Sam is on the search for this, going to every branch close by that has said it still in stock which so far he has had no luck.

It's funny because every year we say we will not wait until the last minute to get Christmas shopping out of the way. Well here is another year and considering we just started Christmas shopping yesterday I would say we obviously need to start earlier.

It's too late for any online shopping and even if it wasn't his wrestler was in store only so that doesn't help this situation any!

So if you are like us that wait until 3 days before Christmas to do you're shopping. Most likely everything you're child really wants is out of stock. So for future references you should probably start a month or two before! Maybe next year we will be able to do this! Wish us luck and I'll let you know if we find it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pinata! Cheap and Easy DIY Pinata for Kids Birthdays!

I have two birthdays to celebrate in a months span and this year we have decided to try out one of the indoor bounce house. I usually do most of the parties at the park(which is free) so this will be new for us! My son is turning three and since it's winter the park is out of the question. Last week however the weather was in the 70's but the week I need it to be its not!
My birthday boy to be Logan!

 My oldest sons birthday was in spring and I made a pinata for him. It was hours of layering watered down glue soaked newspaper strips onto a punching balloon. After that I spent, it seems like 3 straight days of doing the outside design. It was a great way to save money and in the end I was very proud of my accomplishment! Scroll down below for instructions of how to make the pinata.

Here are some photos of my pinata at Gabe's Party!

The Back I designed with his name!

                 The Front I Printed out a picture of Green Latern to go with his theme!

It took a whole lotta hitting to bust it open!

To make the Pinata all you need is:
3 pack punching balloon form your local dollar store $1
2 bottles Regular white glue $1
Newspapers or old unwated phone book pages (free)
Roll of colored streamers 

You blow up the balloon to the desired size you want
(the bigger you make it the longer it takes)
Cut paper into inch wide strips
Mix one bottle of glue to about a half a gallon of water into a bowl
Dip paper strips into water mixture and slide between your thumb and pointer finger to remove excess water
Place strips on balloon until covered 
Repeat at least 3 times
Let rest for a day or two until completely dried
 Cut the streamers into about 1- 2 inch in length 
Fold streamer pieces one at a time over the eraser end of a pencil dap a bit of glue on the top of the streamer that is covering the eraser and place it on the pinata until it is covered
Cut streamers into 2-3 ft lengths and glue to the bottom of the pinata 
Cut open a flap to add candy

Enjoy and have fun making this ! It was quite a hit at my sons party!

Hanukkah! Events, Crafts and Recipes!

Hanukkah has already started and it ends on the 16th so for y'all that celebrate Hanukkah this is for you! I hope all of you are enjoying your celebrations. Here you will find events in Georgia to celebrate, some recipe and craft ideas!

                              HAPPY HANUKKAH!!


**TONIGHT @ 6:30**
Menorah Lighting at Fountainsof Olde Town Shopping Center
736 Johnson Ferry Road Marietta, Ga
Lighting of ATL's Largest Menorah and Jewish food samples!

Dec 15-16
Meet the Holidays: Hanukkah at The Children's Museum of Atlanta
Hear the story Mazeltown and do a craft! For more information click below!

Dec .11-13
Hannukah @ The National in Athens Ga
Have a Hannukah inspired 3-course meal for $29!
Click below for details!

Dec.12 @ 6:45
Community Chanukah Celebration at Temple Kol Emeth in Marietta
Lots of Family Fun!!
Click below for more details!


Hanukkah Window Stars
Click Below for instructions!

Starry Stamped Hanukkah Table Runner
Click below for instructions!

Dazzling Menorah
Such a beautiful idea!
Click below for details!

Paper Dreidel
Click Below for instructions!

Hanukkah Star Garland
Click Below for instructions!,default,pd.html

Star Of David Ornaments
Click below for instructions!


Most Amazing Challah
Click below for instructions!

Click below for instructions!

Cornish Hens In Honey
Click Below For Instructions!

Sfganiyout - Chanukkah Jelly Doughnuts
Click below for instructions!

Click below for instructions!

I think these are some fun ideas to help you celebrate Hanukkah! Let me know how your celebrations are going! If you attend any of the events or try any of the recipes and crafts please let me know how it turned out!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Donate! The Season to Give!

While everyone is enjoying shopping for family and friends for the holidays, please don't forget to donate to charity of your choice whether it's putting money in the buckets outside of stores or finding one to donate to. Not only can you donate money you can donate gently used shoes, clothes & toys, toiletries you can even just donate your time! Think of the things you have then think of the many people out there that don't even have a warm place to lay their heads at night or about the single parent struggling just to pay the bills not to mention worrying about how she will get gifts for her children. This world is a tough place to live in when you have a job, think about the people who are out of work struggling to make ends meet. There is always something you can give even if not with money.

Here are some charities to help you get started !

This one is for children who's parents are in jail. These children shouldn't have to for something their parents did.

Pack a shoebox of much needed items:


Donate toys at local stores or go online !

Sponser a child to get Christmas for!

Atlanta Based Helping homeless infants!

Give back to the military families that sacrifice so much for us everyday!

Here are some to name just a few look around your local area for more.Also take a visit to a nursing home and spend time with someone there! Who knows when the last time someone visited them. Donate food to a homeless shelter or food bank. Go to abuse children's homes around town or battered women shelters. Go to a nearby hospital and share some cheer! There are so many ways to help so please make sure you do you part to help the less fortunate this year!

Please comment with any ideas you might have! God Bless you all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weihnachten (Christmas) For Germany! DIY Ornaments and recipes!

REMEBER: My blog can be Translated into German

I have my readers from around the world and next to the U.S, Germany is where I get most of my traffic. I have some German on my dad's side. I have never had the pleasure of going out of the country.  Here in Georgia we have a town named Helen . My family visits Helen at least once a year and it is nestled up around the North GA mountains. It is set up as a Bavarian town and a really fun place to visit! It's the closest to Germany I get!


I have went online and found some ideas for my German readers. I hope you enjoy them and Have fun doing them!


Bitte klicken Sie unten, um Anweisungen!
Click below for instructions!

German Gingerbread Recipe

Bitte klicken Sie unten, um Anweisungen!
Click below for instructions!


Dresdner Stollen Recipe

Bitte klicken Sie unten, um Anweisungen!
Click below for instructions!

Traditional Marzipankartoffeln- German Candy Potatoes

Bitte klicken Sie unten, um Anweisungen!
Click below for instructions!

Since Germany is where the first nutcracker originated from here is a cute idea made of Clay pots!

Bitte klicken Sie unten, um Anweisungen!
Click below for instructions!

I hope you all enjoy these ideas and please comment with your ideas and tell me how Weihnachten in Germany really is! What are your favorite traditions! I love learning new things! Let me know what was left in your shoe! Have a great Nikolaustag!

DIY Christmas Ornaments!

Good Morning Everyone!Today I'm here to talk about ornaments.Every year we have a tradition to find a new ornament with the year on it and any new events that is going on.This year we are adding Baby's 1st Christmas for Kait Kait.
 Stores have plenty of wonderful ornaments to buy but you can get more personal and unique making your own. One year I made dough ornaments and another I made glass ornaments with family members names on them!  The kids really like to do this! It's a great way to create memories spend time together. Here are some great idea I have gather for this year ! I hope you enjoy!


Click Below for instructions!


This one is great for the little ones!Click below for instructions!


Click below for instructions!

Very cute and creative Ornaments!Click below for instructions!


From my favorite site! Click below for instructions!


Click Below for Instructions!


I love this idea! Click below for instructions!


Very easy for the kids! Click below for instructions!


Click below for instructions!

These are some cute ornaments I will be trying this year. I will post pictures of how they turn out! If you decide to make them please send in pictures or comment about them! Have fun trying them out !

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Decorating for Christmas!

If you haven't started decorating for Christmas, today would be a great time to start! Everything from hanging lights to putting out the inflatables to making your own decorations.Today I'm posting some great Christmas decorating ideas i have found going through the web. Hope you enjoy! 


Please Click below for instructions!


Click below for instructions!


Click below for instructions!

Click below for instructions!


Please click below for instructions!

Please click below for instructions!


Please click below for instructions!

These were a few easy ones I found.Have fun decorating and let me know of any cool ideas you have !

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Festivals and Tree Lightings! Georgia Christmas Attractions!

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days I had a pretty busy weekend! Saturday my family and my sister's all headed down to our city's annual Christmas festival . It's such a great way to spend time with family! At these events they have freebies and rides lots of music and food. At the end of the event they light up the big Christmas tree and call it a night! I take my kids to this every year and let them unwind from being in the house so much during winter.Sam took Gabe on his first Ferris wheel ride and he loved it!

                                            Here's a few pictures from over the weekend!

On Sunday we attended our church for worship and also had the Annual Church Luncheon and decoration of the tree. It's always such a fun and happy occasion  We listen to preaching and then everyone brings a covered dish and we all have a lunch together. After everyone is full to the rim and barely able to move we all go into the sanctuary and decorate the huge Christmas tree which all of the kids really enjoy!

To finish off our day we headed to our local hardware store and picked up our addition to the family the Christmas tree! We got a 6-7 foot fraser fir and a new Angel topper!Once we got it home we cranked up the Christmas music and all participated in decorating our tree. When we finish we all settle down in front of the telly and watch The Grinch! We had a wonderful weekend!

Here are places to visit with the kiddos in Georgia with the Christmas Spirit!

Stone Mountain with everything from Santa Clause, Train Rides,Movies and even Snow to play in!!

Savannah,  Georgia Festival of Lights

Atlanta,Ga  Centennial Olympic Park with an outdoor ice skating rink
And Holiday in Lights

Canton, GA  North Georgia's Santa Claus's_Santa_Claus

Atlanta, Ga Rock Spring Presbyterian Church  Rock Springs Live Nativity

Buford, Ga Lake Lanier Island Magical Nights of Lights

Pine Mountain, Ga Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights

Let me know if any of you visit any of the destination I have listed and let me know how your family enjoyed it! Don't forget Jesus is the reason for the Season !!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Tree! Picking up ours this weekend!

I'm so excited! One of my favorite times of the season, going with the family to pick out our perfect Christmas tree! We always get a tall fat Fraser Fir. The smell of a fresh cut tree in your house screams Christmas! It reminds me of childhood it's just something you can't get with a plastic tree!

Here's a blurry pic of last years Christmas tree! Not the one from the woods!

  About two years ago Sam and I felt pretty adventurous and decided to go out in the sticks of Georgia and cut down a tree. Oh how beautiful that tree was standing alone in the woods I had it picked out for weeks! So I got Sam to start chopping away with a small handsaw. After about 30 minutes that tree fell and we loaded it up on the back of the truck and headed home with the most perfect tree I thought I had ever seen. He drags it up two flights of stairs to our apartment and we get it in the stand and that's when it happened...

 That is when I noticed  that it was the ugliest tree I had ever seen! Outside in those woods it was tall and full and that is where it belonged! Inside it was so gaped up and the branches were to flimsy to hold most of our ornaments. It did smell glorious though! But after like 4 days that tree was so dried up and the needles were falling off and when it got in our carpet it was like stepping on nails. You would have to pry them from your feet and wipe off the blood it left behind! We were haunted by those needles a year after that tree was removed.

That tree did grow on me and it's one of those things that we will always remember. After everything was on it, it wasn't such a bad little tree. It was just like that Charlie Brown Christmas tree! I will say though I will never do that again, but it was a fun experience. In the end Sam dragged it out across the street to the woods and not so long ago it came back to remind us what we had done.Someone actually dragged that same old tree out of the woods all brown and dead and laid it out on the lawn across the street. We were reminded of that tree going on two years after we used it.

If you haven't ever went out in the woods to find your Christmas tree, I would recommend at least once in your life to try it and see what memories you can add with your family!

Well tomorrow we will be heading off to our local hardware store that we always buy our tree from and bringing in a new memory. I'll let y'all know how it goes!

Always feel free to comment with any special moments you have had when picking out a Christmas Tree!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Sites! Stay in touch with Family and Friends!

Family is very important but sometimes we have relatives who are not always as close by as you would like and for that reason I am writing this post about the three main sites and apps I use and most people use to stay connected with their loved ones.

My first and favorite is the app . This is your own personal photo album where you can instantly take and share all the pictures you want! You can make it public or private for just the people you want on you page.It's a great way to update everyone on how everyone is growing and all the interesting things you see.It's a very easy and fun app.
                         Just minutes ago I took this pic of Loggy napping.

My second favorite is it's so simple to use. Just make an account get your friends and families twitter name and connect instantly. You can even link your account to it so your pictures are automatically downloaded to it as well. Not only can you follow family and friends but also celebrities if you choose to! Enjoy!

                         Follow me at www.

The third is you can connect to friends and family. Also play some fun games and get some great offers and samples by liking the brands you love and use everyday!  We like to use this one to stay connected to Sam's daughter Milli that lives far north. We don't get to see her near as often as we like but this keeps us connected with her.

They are all very simple to use and you don't only have to have them on the computer they also work with your smartphones! So start connecting today and don't let distance get in the way of family and friends!

Please feel free to comment and let me know of some other great websites that you like to use!

Meteor Showers! Mark it on you calenders!

 November 17th I finally remembered to watch the Leonids Meteor Shower so I set up camp on my front porch in the freezing cold for two hours and with my luck I didn't see even one! So now is our next chance to catch Geminids December 13th! Now is the time to mark your calenders to make sure you don't miss this free show. Its suppose to be a good one! So if you can brave the cold make sure you get out there and let me know if you get to see the action! I haven't seen a good one since 1999 when my mom, my sister and I sit on the hood of our car and counted well over 100 per hour.We about froze to death but it was so worth it. The best ones always seem to be on the coldest nights.

                        Here are a few pictures I took from my back porch of one amazing view!

I love anything to do with the sky. It is so remarkable!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Movies!! Get In the Christmas Spirit!!

Now It's that time of year when you start watching the Christmas movies you have grown up with! At my house its a Tradition. It all started when I was a little girl, my parents and my sisters would gather around the television and watch A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Frosty, Rudolph Also in my day we had the one called Noel about a red Christmas ornament. Which was always one of my favorites.
These days I have my own family to watch it with. We all gather on the couch with hot cocoa and popcorn! We still watch the ones I use to watch but now they have newer one my kiddos also enjoy like Shrek The Halls and The Polar Express (back in my day it was a great book!)

Grab your loved ones and start watching tonight on WSB (Channel 2)In Atlanta.They are airing "A Charlie
Brown Christmas" tonight at 8pm eastern time!

If you just can't make it tonight here's a list of  a few Christmas movies you can pick up at your rental store or apps:

A Charlie Brown Christmas 
Frosty the Snowman 
Frosty Returns
How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
A Christmas Carol 
A Christmas Story 
The Nativity Story 
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Shrek The Halls!
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Christmas Carol:The Movie
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Miracle of 34th Street
It's a Wonderful Life!

There are so many more here's a good list of animated Christmas movies on:

Welcome Y'all!

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my page! My name is Crystal but you can call me Ya Ya. My niece started calling me this when she started talking and it just stuck. I'm a Southern girl born and raised in Georgia.Its a great place to live you get everything from the beaches to the mountains and everything in between.

 I am a mother of three beautiful kids.I have two boys Gabe and Logan and one girl Kait Kait. I am a stay at home mom. As a stay at home mom it can be a bit overwhelming at times but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm with a great guy named Sam and he is from Laos which is in Asia. He likes to cook about as much as I do! Our relationship reminds me of  King of the Hill and I would be Bobby if he was a chick. Sam is Kahn I'm sure you can see that he resembles him and he is from Laos too!

Now that you know a little about me I will tell you a little bit about what my blog is about! My sister Jessie has convinced me to set up a blog and I hope y'all enjoy it. On my blog I will have a little bit of everything. I will have ideas on how to save money in stores using coupons and other ways. I will be recommending sites I use daily that I love. D.I.Y crafts for all occasions. Movies, books and music I enjoy. Ideas for parents or anyone who enjoys deals and crafts.I will be placing recipes on here that I have tried and decided they were worthy of being  placed in my own cook books. Please enjoy and continue to come back to my site for more post. Thank you! 
YA YA :)