Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EVERY PARENT SHOULD READ! It's not always easy to be a parent!


Good Morning Everybody! It's such a beautiful day in Georgia this morning the sun is shining  and the birds are chirping!
 As you all know I am a mother of 3 and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I love my babies! 
I was on Pinterest last night and came across this great quote! It is the truth! I realize parents never give themselves enough credit when it comes to raising their kids.

Being a parent is not an easy job and all we can do is our best. Our best doesn't mean giving our children every new updated expensive thing they see on T.V. or trying to be a best friend to them! Our best is giving them all your love, and attention they need to grow into happy healthy loving individuals. Teaching them morals and respect.(Which is hard when everything on t.v., magazines and the radio are showing otherwise.)  It's okay to show them that you don't 
always get what you want in life or win at everything. I teach my kids to always give it their all and do their best in everything they do and if they tried their best in the end that's all that matters. 
You might not always feel like the best parent cause you can't give them the world. It's okay just remember that expensive toy they want will most likely be a waste of money they will play with it maybe a week and never touch it again. I'm not saying you can't ever get them what they want. I'm just saying do it more occasionally and they will appreciate it more.

Your children would rather have you by their side playing in the park, reading books or just listening to something they have to say, answering all of their Why? questions! Remember they are just learning everything and they are so excited to learn something new. So take that extra time to listen to them and give them an answer their little minds are sponges and want to soak in all the information you give them!

I can truly say I never give myself credit on parenting. I feel like I do more things wrong than right. My kids are not always happy with me but that is okay I am here to teach them and make them the best little people that I can. If it means they are mad at me sometimes than I guess I might be doing something right. I'm not going to say yes to everything they ask. They get over it quick and they still love me. In the end maybe they will say thank you for not letting me do everything their friends are doing! When they are old enough I will be that parent that wants to know what they are doing and with who and if I don't approve I will say no! They might stomp their feet, roll their eyes and yell at me but I will know I am doing the right thing and maybe keeping them safe.

I see so many kids these days with no parental guidance and it breaks my heart. You just want to find their parent and shake some sense into them. Children running around the street  wee hours or the night or little 9 year olds playing the role of parents to their younger siblings because the parents rather not deal with them. Little girls running around half naked chasing boys instead of playing with baby dolls or barbie. Our children are losing the innocence of being children far to soon. My nephew is in 6th grade and their whole 6th grade classes stay on lock down because of all the fights the children are having. This has to tell people something about how society is these days. We have to instill morals and discipline in our children so when they are our age they can live in a peaceful and loving world!

I have heard people saying parenting isn't a job and raising kids is easy. they don't know what they are talking about and anyone who says parenting is easy is either lying or obviously not a parent! We have to be our kids chef, teacher, bather, personal assistant, receptionist, playmate, laundry doer, grocery shopper  and driver! We have to be responsible for keeping little people alive,
 growing healthy and  teaching them! I say that is a huge weight on your shoulders and yes it is a JOB! A way more important job than most! 
It is normal to stress out sometimes, to yell sometimes, to have a messy house and not have dinner on the table at the exact time everyday. It doesn't make you a bad parent and it doesn't mean you don't love your family!

Remember to give yourself a pat on the back now and then. It isn't easy but if you are doing your best than that is what counts! If you have you children close by remember to give them sugars, squeeze them tight and love them unconditionally! As long as you are doing that you know you are at least doing something right!

 I look at my children doing good in school, respecting other people and making right choices, without me always by their side and I think maybe I am doing a better job than I give myself credit for.

Me after bringing a 3rd little life in this world! My Kait Kait!
My Three Little Loves! The key to my heart!