Friday, December 7, 2012

Donate! The Season to Give!

While everyone is enjoying shopping for family and friends for the holidays, please don't forget to donate to charity of your choice whether it's putting money in the buckets outside of stores or finding one to donate to. Not only can you donate money you can donate gently used shoes, clothes & toys, toiletries you can even just donate your time! Think of the things you have then think of the many people out there that don't even have a warm place to lay their heads at night or about the single parent struggling just to pay the bills not to mention worrying about how she will get gifts for her children. This world is a tough place to live in when you have a job, think about the people who are out of work struggling to make ends meet. There is always something you can give even if not with money.

Here are some charities to help you get started !

This one is for children who's parents are in jail. These children shouldn't have to for something their parents did.

Pack a shoebox of much needed items:


Donate toys at local stores or go online !

Sponser a child to get Christmas for!

Atlanta Based Helping homeless infants!

Give back to the military families that sacrifice so much for us everyday!

Here are some to name just a few look around your local area for more.Also take a visit to a nursing home and spend time with someone there! Who knows when the last time someone visited them. Donate food to a homeless shelter or food bank. Go to abuse children's homes around town or battered women shelters. Go to a nearby hospital and share some cheer! There are so many ways to help so please make sure you do you part to help the less fortunate this year!

Please comment with any ideas you might have! God Bless you all!