Monday, March 25, 2013

I'M DYING! Easter Eggs that is!!

                                 Yes that is a plastic egg Sam!

Here is our old traditional way to dye eggs it's pretty simple and fun for the family!

                                 Simple Easter Eggs

Boiling Water
Boiled Eggs
Food Coloring ( at the baking department of your local grocery store)
White Distilled Vinegar

Boil water in a big pot.Place however many eggs you want in the pot. Cook about 12- 15 mins When finished drain water fill with cold water to help cool the eggs fast. Boil another pot of water. Get a cup or bowl for each color of food coloring you have. Put a tablespoon of vinegar into each cup. Ladle out hot water into each cup until 1/2 full. Put a few drops of food coloring into each cup more or less for lighter or darker coloring. Gather your boiled eggs and your little chicks (your kiddos). Let your kids each have a spoon and place a boiled egg onto it. Let them softly lower their egg into the color of their choice. Let the egg set in the cup for at least 1 minute, longer for darker colors. Take egg out and place back into egg crate to dry. Repeat with all eggs and there you have it perfect Easter Eggs!

I hope you enjoy doing this as I do, but remember you might have different colored hands for a few days if you don't wear some sort of glove!

Easter recipe! Our Family's favorite Potato Salad!

                                                         Kait ready for church egg hunt and luncheon!

Here is one of my family's favorite recipes for the holiday and everyone who eats it loves it too! The great thing about it you can make it the night before!

Note: If you have seen my recipes before I never measure so I don't know the precise measurements.

                                          Potato Salad  

5 lbs. russet potatoes
Onions (chopped)
Pickles (chopped)
1/4 cup pickle juice

Boil potatoes in large pot. When potatoes are tender enough a fork can easily pierce them through them take them off the stove drain the water and fill with cold water. Let cool. In the meantime, you can chop your onions and pickles. When the potatoes are cooled you can easily peel them with your fingertips, rinse off, place potatoes in a large bowl and mash them (as you would when making mashed potatoes.) Add chopped onions, pickles and pickle juice to the bowl. Mix mayo about 1/2 -3/4 c. add about 3/4 - 1 c. mustard just enough to make the potatoes a light yellow color. Combine all ingredients until all is evenly yellow. Last add the salt and pepper to your liking. we like it cold so you can make the night before unless you like it warm! 

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Please let me know what you think!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

All About Easter!

Kait on her first Easter with her Maw Maw!

 Easter is just a week away. It's time for the Passion plays at church, Easter egg hunts, Easter bunnies, candy, food especially ham and dying eggs! That is the one thing I remember most about Easter my family dying eggs the boiling water, food coloring and the smell of vinegar . None of the dissolve color tablet kits you can always find at the store! To this day I still like to do it the traditional way with my children and I enjoy it just as much as I did when I was little.

I don't think Logan can fit anymore!
Another tradition every year is attending church and seeing a passion play. These days the plays are very hard to find. Jesus is the reason for Easter and I think it's important for my children to know that.
As the Easter Bunny always did for us he dropped our Easter baskets on our bed as we slept so when we woke up we would have that great surprise waiting for us. He still does that for my children also and they can't sleep for the anticipation.

Last years hunt!

The main food of Easter I remember having and still we eat to this day is Baked ham, potato salad, rolls, mac n' cheese, deviled eggs and plenty of desserts!

Easter is a great time when we get together with family and have a great day full of memories! Please comment and share your Easter Memories!