Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Sites! Stay in touch with Family and Friends!

Family is very important but sometimes we have relatives who are not always as close by as you would like and for that reason I am writing this post about the three main sites and apps I use and most people use to stay connected with their loved ones.

My first and favorite is the app . This is your own personal photo album where you can instantly take and share all the pictures you want! You can make it public or private for just the people you want on you page.It's a great way to update everyone on how everyone is growing and all the interesting things you see.It's a very easy and fun app.
                         Just minutes ago I took this pic of Loggy napping.

My second favorite is it's so simple to use. Just make an account get your friends and families twitter name and connect instantly. You can even link your account to it so your pictures are automatically downloaded to it as well. Not only can you follow family and friends but also celebrities if you choose to! Enjoy!

                         Follow me at www.

The third is you can connect to friends and family. Also play some fun games and get some great offers and samples by liking the brands you love and use everyday!  We like to use this one to stay connected to Sam's daughter Milli that lives far north. We don't get to see her near as often as we like but this keeps us connected with her.

They are all very simple to use and you don't only have to have them on the computer they also work with your smartphones! So start connecting today and don't let distance get in the way of family and friends!

Please feel free to comment and let me know of some other great websites that you like to use!