Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pinata! Cheap and Easy DIY Pinata for Kids Birthdays!

I have two birthdays to celebrate in a months span and this year we have decided to try out one of the indoor bounce house. I usually do most of the parties at the park(which is free) so this will be new for us! My son is turning three and since it's winter the park is out of the question. Last week however the weather was in the 70's but the week I need it to be its not!
My birthday boy to be Logan!

 My oldest sons birthday was in spring and I made a pinata for him. It was hours of layering watered down glue soaked newspaper strips onto a punching balloon. After that I spent, it seems like 3 straight days of doing the outside design. It was a great way to save money and in the end I was very proud of my accomplishment! Scroll down below for instructions of how to make the pinata.

Here are some photos of my pinata at Gabe's Party!

The Back I designed with his name!

                 The Front I Printed out a picture of Green Latern to go with his theme!

It took a whole lotta hitting to bust it open!

To make the Pinata all you need is:
3 pack punching balloon form your local dollar store $1
2 bottles Regular white glue $1
Newspapers or old unwated phone book pages (free)
Roll of colored streamers 

You blow up the balloon to the desired size you want
(the bigger you make it the longer it takes)
Cut paper into inch wide strips
Mix one bottle of glue to about a half a gallon of water into a bowl
Dip paper strips into water mixture and slide between your thumb and pointer finger to remove excess water
Place strips on balloon until covered 
Repeat at least 3 times
Let rest for a day or two until completely dried
 Cut the streamers into about 1- 2 inch in length 
Fold streamer pieces one at a time over the eraser end of a pencil dap a bit of glue on the top of the streamer that is covering the eraser and place it on the pinata until it is covered
Cut streamers into 2-3 ft lengths and glue to the bottom of the pinata 
Cut open a flap to add candy

Enjoy and have fun making this ! It was quite a hit at my sons party!