Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Tips I Wish Someone Told Me!

Hey Y'all! Finally I survived the wedding! Sam and I made it official June 8th.

Planning a wedding is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy! I have never felt so stressed out in all of my life.

At The Ceremony!
I was a complete emotional wreck the last week before my wedding. I ended up shopping for I was in need of literally an hour and a half before my vows. In the end it didn't happen in the field I had planned it to be in and at least 80% of everything I planned to do didn't happen. My wedding was delayed and hour and I didn't have time to cook a lot of the food I bought.

 D.I.Y idea was the worst mistake ever! My sister Lori and I stayed up pasted 1 AM the night of my wedding still making decorations. Bought out every store in a 20 mile radius of materials, which still wasn't enough! We didn't have time to turn the flower into bouquets and boutonnieres. We ladies ended up with just handfuls of flowers. My bouquet was a quick ambush of my grandmother's Hydrangea bush. (I always wanted a blue Hydrangea bouquet!) Thanks to my niece Savannah who quickly got them for me! The men didn't even end up with a boutonniere at all!

Outdoors is a whole 'nother ball field. Let me tell you! For anyone who wants this idea, please make sure you really think it through. Pay attention to every detail.

 If you do decide to have an outdoor wedding make sure it's before the months of sweltering hot humid weather. Walking down the aisle I felt as though waterfalls were pouring down my legs. Was I peeing myself, you might ask? No! I was sweating! Pretty gross! My slip was sticking to my legs it was pretty uncomfortable. Also, in pictures when you are this hot they start looking as miserable as they feel!
Bridesmaid In Middle
Pictures I was talking about....
Don't they look hot!

There is an issue to with rain. It didn't rain on my wedding day only the day before. Rain had made the ground so squishy and every time I picked up my feet, my whole heel sank deep into the ground. Not so elegant looking walking down the aisle trying not to be notice as you yank your sinking feet out of the ground!

 Pest! These little critters don't take a break just because you are getting married. Mosquitoes were attacking everyone. I suppose we could have sprayed ourselves down with repellent. Who really wants that smell as wedding perfume? There were also ants, horrible fire ants! By the end of the night my feet were covered with pus filled blisters from evil ants! Last critters you have are flies! Flies smell just one whiff of food and they invite all their family and friends to your reception, even though you didn't send an invite! Nothing is worse than people having to shew flies off of their food.

Your location! Where ever you have it make sure you remember that you need power for music, light or any other electronics. This is the whole reason I didn't have my wedding in the field I had prepared. We wouldn't have had any music for our ceremony because we didn't have enough extension cords to reach out there. Our DJ couldn't set up without power. In this case you can rent a generator (which I think would be pretty loud when running or a lot of extension cords ( which can get pretty tacky).

Now don't forget traditions! At my wedding not to many traditions happened. The removal and tossing of the garter. I  guess it's a good thing this didn't go on. Remember how I said I was sweating, when I took it off it was drenched! Who would want to catch that?

The tossing of the bouquet! No future brides at my wedding! If I would have thrown that a lot of girls would be planning their wedding (Remember I didn't have time to tie together my bouquet). My bouquet would have rain down in all directions!

No seeing the bride before the wedding! Sam and I woke up together and see each other most of the morning. Never did he see me in my dress, not until I walked down the aisle.

Car decorations! No just married signs on my car. it just didn't happen.

The e-card I am talking about.

Something blue! If you are a Pinterest user, I know you have seen the e-card that says, "I am not sure if a handful of Xanax counts as your something blue." I  must say at my wedding it did! I'm not the pill popper type of person, but I do have a severe case of social anxiety. The thought of walking down the aisle and talking in front of a crowd really terrifies me and I start having panic attacks. I get really shaky, hot, sweaty and jumble my words. I literally worried weeks about being in front of people. I refused to have that issue on my special day, so I took half of a Xanax! It mellowed me out enough to get me down the aisle and get out my vows! I had my borrowed , my sister's bracelet, I had my new, earrings, necklace and shoes. Now that I think about it I didn't have something old and my blue was a Xanax!

So there you have it. Somethings I wish I would have been told ahead of time. If you are planning a wedding I sure hope this helps. Remember to not let the stress of planning your wedding take over what is suppose to be one of the most important days in your life! When stress starts taking over please take time for yourself and remove yourself from the situation that is causing the stress.

Sam and I did have a beautiful wedding ceremony, besides all of the unplanned mishaps. Remember it doesn't matter where you get married. It doesn't matter if nothing goes as planned. Marriage isn't about spending tons of money, having the best of everything and things being perfect for just one short day. Marriage is only about you and the person you are choosing to share the rest of your life with. Making a commitment  to each other to love, honor and to be with only that person for better or worse for life. The ceremony is where you confess your love for each other and become one. It should be a happy occasion  whether you choose to do it at the courts or plan a huge wedding. Don't forget it's just one day, it's not worth getting all worked up and frustrated about it. Just let the cards fall where they may and in the end all that matters is the two of you and the journey that is about to begin!

Feeding Each Other Cake!
I forgot to bring a different outfit so I had to borrow a Bridesmaid Dress!
Once again I apologize for my absence. I ended up sick for a week following my wedding with flu like symptoms. I was also so exhausted mentally and physically from all of the things in life added to planning for the wedding. I am just now starting to recover and feel back to normal. I'm finally back to cooking real meals for my family again! So it's not just my blog I have slipped with.

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I appreciate you all!!

Yours Truly,
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