Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Celebrations in Georgia!

Hey Y'all sorry I haven't blogged in a while.I have been super busy with 3 birthdays and Christmas. December is the busiest month in my family. Hopefully now I can get back into my blogging!

Well to let y'all know we solved the problem with the wrestler present for Gabe we just gave him 20 bucks along with the rest of his toys and he was way happier with that! He ended up buying 2 wrestlers!

Here we go, about to have 2012 in our past. I guess we survived 12/21. For those still in hiding y'all can come out we are all still here!!

We will be staying in tonight. Usually this is what goes on at my place. We watch some movies and then wait for the Peach to drop. Right now the boys are playing Wii with their dad and having a great time!  A couple years back we did go to something called the Nugget drop at a local Truett's Grill. The boys liked that it had fireworks, inflatables and games for the kid. At 12 they drop a giant nugget into a big packet of sauce!
Here are the addresses for the Peach Drop and the Nugget Drop if anyone is looking for last minute plans for the family!

The Peach Drop is located at Underground Atlanta:
50 upper Alabama St. SW Atlanta, GA

For the south side The Nugget Drop is:
1785 Jonesboro Rd. Mcdonough, GA

Here are some other events at this website!