Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meteor Showers! Mark it on you calenders!

 November 17th I finally remembered to watch the Leonids Meteor Shower so I set up camp on my front porch in the freezing cold for two hours and with my luck I didn't see even one! So now is our next chance to catch Geminids December 13th! Now is the time to mark your calenders to make sure you don't miss this free show. Its suppose to be a good one! So if you can brave the cold make sure you get out there and let me know if you get to see the action! I haven't seen a good one since 1999 when my mom, my sister and I sit on the hood of our car and counted well over 100 per hour.We about froze to death but it was so worth it. The best ones always seem to be on the coldest nights.

                        Here are a few pictures I took from my back porch of one amazing view!

I love anything to do with the sky. It is so remarkable!