Saturday, December 22, 2012

Searching For That Perfect Gift!

If you have a child you know how they are when they want nothing but that one toy that they must have! Yesterday we took the kids to see Santa and they told him what they wanted. Gabe is hooked on one specific toy.
                                                          The Kiddos with Santa

Well this year we have decided to wait until the last minute to get Gabe that 1 wrestler with the certain clothes that only one store carries. So right now Sam is on the search for this, going to every branch close by that has said it still in stock which so far he has had no luck.

It's funny because every year we say we will not wait until the last minute to get Christmas shopping out of the way. Well here is another year and considering we just started Christmas shopping yesterday I would say we obviously need to start earlier.

It's too late for any online shopping and even if it wasn't his wrestler was in store only so that doesn't help this situation any!

So if you are like us that wait until 3 days before Christmas to do you're shopping. Most likely everything you're child really wants is out of stock. So for future references you should probably start a month or two before! Maybe next year we will be able to do this! Wish us luck and I'll let you know if we find it.