Friday, May 31, 2013

Everyone knows a Mother's Life is her Children!

Hey Everyone! Alaina Giordano has cancer and a judge has order her children's father full custody because of her cancer. The petition only needs 36,265 more signatures. Please sign the petition and pass it to everyone you know! It's a horrible situation she has to fight for her kids while battling cancer.

Click the link below to sign the petition!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!!!

My girl wishin' you all a fun and safe Memorial day!

Happy Memorial Day! Today is a day where we remember all soldiers who have died while serving. These soldiers sacrificed their lives to keep our country safe. I have never known any soldiers who have died in battle. Both of my grandfathers were in WWII and escaped with a few bullet wounds but they made it back home.  To everyone who have lost friends and loved ones my prayers are with you all.

Memorial Day is the start of Summer (not officially). Kids just getting out of school, pools opening, and the scent of neighbors bbq grills being lit.

Every year my family has always got together for a great bbq. We actually had ours yesterday, so today I have nothing but cleaning and later, shopping to do!

I hope all of you get to enjoy a day of grillin', grubbin' fishin' and swimming today. Pick up some sparklers for the kiddos and set off some fireworks! Have an awesome relaxin' day. Remember to stay safe and no drinkin' and drivin'.

At 3:00pm it's National Moment of Remembrance. Please take 1 minute out wherever you are, for a moment of silence for all our fallen heroes and their families!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding To Plan And Everything Else In Between!

Source: David's Bridal
My Wedding Dress!

Hey y'all! I've been a busy little bee lately. I'm here now but bare with me for the next 2 1/2 weeks. I will be getting married June 8th and I'm way behind schedule on everything I need to do! Not only do I have a wedding to plan for, I'm on a weigh-loss program with my OB-GYN which mean appointments, I also have my son's birthday to plan for and have been swamp by end of the school year functions.

  I have had the "great idea" of a DIY wedding and it's a little more difficult than others let you know! For one I have been using a lot of ribbon and lace and I have cleaned the shelves of all three Wal-Marts in my area. I seem to be at the store way more than I am doing anything. I have tried 4 different glues for glass and I have decided the old ball and chain hot glue gun is the best to get fabrics to stick to the glass!

 I just want to help prepare others with what really goes on with DIY weddings. I would make sure you have more than 2 months to plan and do crafts. Always have a helper, my sister Lori has been helping me a lot and I feel like we might need more people in the assembly line to help! Never be afraid to ask for help!
If you have children especially small children like myself it's a little harder. My kids love seeing all the crafting materials being used and think they should help. If only they were old enough. Their helping consist of taking everything I need and sneaking off to hide it all over the house!
 Do everything yourself saves you a lot of money, but takes a whole lot of time. My best friend is Pinterest  It's the best with ideas and crafts. If you have a wedding theme like myself which is country then just put that in the Pinterest search bar and if you have no clue, just enter wedding ideas in the search bar. You will have so many ideas pop up and then you can make your wedding board to pin everything you like.

 Another great site is This website has planning tools, recipes, crafting ideas even has honeymoon location tips.
My Bridemaid Dresses

For any of you in search of bridesmaid dresses, think about going to department stores. I ended up getting my dresses at Sears. If you are lucky enough to have your wedding towards the end of May, that is also right after prom season! I ended up getting great dress originally $58 for $28. Plus my shoes originally $50 for only $25
My  Wedding shoes.
 I needed a pop of color!

It has been a pretty stressful time for me. I have always been the type that waits until the last minute to pull everything together. Wish me luck!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just an update on the Bishop Family!

I want you all to know when I got home I checked their donation page and they have met the amount they needed and some! It's great to hear hopefully this helps them take some of the stress off of them! Thank you all who took the time to read this and if you did donate! There is so much good in this world! People do still care and they do help others. Everyone just showcases the worst. We rarely hear about the good.

I really appreciate all my readers! Thanks again soooo much!

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FREE ADMISSION!! High Museum of Arts In ATL!!!!

The closest thing to a pic of art I have! My rose opened up!

Here's a great freebie for the whole family!! The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, will be having free admission for Art Museum Day tomorrow, May 18 2013! Tickets are regularly $19.50 for adults and $12 for kids! That's a savings of $63.00 for a family of four. This is a great opportunity to visit the museum if you have always wanted to go! It will be open from 10-5.You can reserve your tickets or get them when you get there!Best bet is to reserve their might be a crowd when you get there!

Click below to reserve your free tickets!

I hope you all get to enjoy this great deal!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day !!

My Third Go At Mommy Hood!

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom readers! I know it's a little late, but it's never too late to wish you all a great Mother's Day! I hope you enjoyed your day with friends and family! Maybe you just got the time alone that you might have wanted! Either way I hope you got treated to a day just made for you. You all deserve that!
 I also would like to say Happy Mother's Day to any single dads out there, that might have the part of playing both mom and dad roles. Stay strong and remember to celebrate!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slow cooker warning!

I just wanted to let everyone know I just saw on the news, where slow cooker lids can shatter in your face. I know a lot of moms who do most of their cooking with these. I, Myself have a love for them. I just wanted to tell you all. So you can take precautions when using them.

Here's a link to the full story!

Stay safe everybody. Have a great night!

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Thank you!

Hi everyone! I want to thank a new follower Cricket Kate! Thank you so much for becoming a follower to my blog. I really appreciate it. Please let me know if there is any topic you would like me to write about !

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Keep Our Children Safe!

Life's Treasures!
Hey y'all! It seems like every time I turn on my television I see something to do with kids. Children being kidnapped, murdered or abused. I cannot comprehend how anyone can harm children. They are just innocent little lives.

  As most of everyone has heard, 3 woman were found after a decade of being kidnapped as teenagers. This is such a rare outcome to most of these situations. Such a happy one. These ladies lives will be forever changed due to what they had to endure. It will take a lot of healing. I pray for these women and their families to have peace in their lives.  I am trying to find out if there is a way to donate to help any way possible but I have not found anything. When I do I will update you all with the information.

Here is a link for this story if you are interested in learning  more.

Keep our babies safe!

I am a very concerned mother and I worry about my children every waking moment it seems. Knowing that people in this world are out there hunting down our babies. Our children are so trust worthy. My children like to say hey to everyone they see.

I live in an apartment so everyday I see children outside playing. Most of them have no adult supervision. Parents might start calling them in when it gets dark, but that to me isn't enough to keep our kids out of the hands of these monsters. My sister told me she seen an interview on t.v. about a man who was a convicted child molester. He told the reporter he would scope out apartment complexes and trailer parks because he knew a lot of kids would be unsupervised.

So innocent!
Now I'm not saying you can't let your children go play outside. I just want parents to realize the danger and make sure to keep an eye on your children at all times. Things like this easily happens at the park when you take your site off of your kids for just a second. I've seen on the news a little girl in the toy aisle at the store, and her mother wasn't too far away when a man came up and grabbed her. Thankfully the little girl fought back and screamed and got enough attention he let her go and she escaped.

Not only are our children being targeted outside the home, now they are being targeted inside the home also.
Our kids love the internet and social media. Adults are posing as teenagers to get to know our kids. They get them to trust them and then get them to meet them. This is their chance to harm or kidnap children. Parents you all need to monitor all your children's social media sites. Sit down with them and go through it see their friends and messages. If something to your is not appropriate or you see people you don't approve of make them remove them from their site. Also a great way to monitor is to move that computer out of their rooms and into the living room. Keep it in a more public part of the house and not in their room. These are your kids and they don't need as much privacy as they would like!

It happens everywhere. I want to give you some links to help keep our children safe I hope these help you to better prepare you and your children against these creeps!

This is a great site! It has safety tips for parents and what to do if your child is missing. Take a look at the photos of missing children maybe you recognize one. You can provide very important information to get these children back home.

This is a site where you can put in your address and it will show you a map where all registered sex offenders live in your area. It will show their face and address with their convictions. You just click on any color square on the map to see the details. Remember these are only the registered ones. There is alot more out there that haven't been caught or registered. This site also provides saftey tips.

Here is a site great for kids and parents on safety tips. This guy has been around since I was a kid!

A site to order Child I.D Kits quanity 1- 9 are 9.95 each.

Here you can request a free I.D kit. Also has safety tips.

Online safety tip for kids.

Parents safety tips for monitoring your child online.

This site has tips and advice to protect your children from sexual abuse.

Great site  that gives you advice on some things to do to protect your children.

I really hope these help you. I don't like to think of any of these things and my children but if we don't have this conversation , then we cannot prepare ourselves to protect out children the best that we can.

I have added the missing children gadget to my blog to do the same you can click here The more we can get their faces to the public the more likely we can help.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

My Little Love Story!!

Hi everyone! I'm going to tell you a little love story it's between a girl and her favorite store! Well I have to say the girl is me and the store is Kroger. I'm not sure if Kroger is everywhere but I'm so glad I have one right around the corner.
   I use to not shop here because to me it wasn't the cheapest in town. My feelings changed about Kroger about 3 years ago. I realize their customer service is far superior than any of the cheaper competitors  As I told my sister I go to Kroger for friends that's how friendly the service is. They go the extra mile to treat you with respect and to be as friendly as possible. That's when they stole my heart!
  It's sad I rather pay more just to be in a friendly atmosphere. One giant chain store that starts with a "W" I won't say any names with that. I had to cheat on because I use to love the prices and absolutely hate the customer service. They always are cussing, flirting with each other, soooo very rude with no type of manners and open 2 registers with 500 employees and 30 lanes. The employees always act like they are doing you a favor being there. Well that was my past and I am so much happier shopping!
 Well today I was shopping and they had this awesome in store sale on eggs 75 cents for a dozen medium eggs. Last week  I got them for 99 cents for a different sale and Kroger's medium eggs is everyone else large or extra large sizes. Kroger always likes to treat me to little surprises in life! Well when I walked in my door and checked my email Kroger had done it again it had sent me the sweetest email I have ever read..... it was coupons. Yes I said it right COUPONS. Not just any old coupons but FREE coupons. They want to shower me in a free 24 pack of bottled water, Free peanut butter, free full size bag of chips and  one whole pound of bacon. If that's not love then I don't know what is!

Here I will let you in on a few our secrets to keep love alive !

1. The Kroger Shoppers Card- You can keep it on your keys scan it before very purchase and save on your favorite items. Also earning you points for money off a gallon of gas at their gas stations for every 100 dollars you spend you get 10 cents off a gallon. You sign it up on their website to keep track and also download coupons directly to your card!

2. Manager's Special- Some people are scared to take the relationship to this level. This is items marked down for quick sales I can get a gallon of milk for 1.99 and it doesn't expire for another week. Organic milk originally 6.99 a gallon 2 % and under 2.29 a gallon and Whole Milk 3.29 with a week before expiration. My kids love milk so a week is way longer than I need! I have walked into Kroger needing soy sauce walked out with 7 bottles of Kikkoman each 59 cents. After holidays you can get toys,flowers and decorations like 90% off their original price. I have paid 1 dollar for a pack of diapers with NO coupon. This is just a few examples to keep the spark alive.

3. Sales- They always have great sales! You can get a pack of brand name boneless skinless chicken breast for 99 cents a lbs and crab legs for 4.99 a pound you just have to look for the sales.

4. Customer Service- Like I said before it makes a world of difference. Greeted with smiling faces and genuinely friendly people who makes your shopping experience a pleasure instead of  the dreaded trip to the grocery store.

My tip for great discounts is early morning shopping. That's when they do their markdowns.

Check out their site for yourself! You might fall in love!

Well you guys I hope you enjoyed my story about true love! It's truly one of a kind! Maybe my tips can help you in future shopping outings.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Korean Dramas! Who knew!

Source: Pinterest

Hey everyone!! Today I have to tell you about what I discovered when I had Comcast in 2011. One day I was surfing through the channels and came across a show that looked like something Sam would like. I thought it was going to be an Asian kung-fu film with subtitles. Little did I know it was a Korean historical Drama. So I decided to record it. It happened to be a Korean channel KBS. Sam watched the show and got hooked.
 Later on I started scanning through that station and started watching shows too. We both became addicts. Even though we had to read every word to understand what was going o. We really got into it!

 These shows are considered Korean Dramas also known a K- Dramas and they are really good shows. Great quality and great actors! They make you laugh and cry. If you haven't heard of these they are worth giving a try. You might just find yourself a great new t.v show. They have became a lot more popular since we started watching them. They have shows in categories both men and women can enjoy. My children even started watching them with us. You don't have to worry to much about the content because all of the ones I have watched doesn't have nudity or vulgar scenes.

 I do warn you though these shows do have about 12- 240 episodes each and you will want to watch them back to back.

 Here is my list of some of my favorites so you can look them up! As my sister says the titles are corny. But hey don't let the names fool you!

Can You Heart My Heart?
Flames of Desire
Queen of Reversals
Hooray for Love / (also known as Love Cheer)
Spy Myung Wol
Hwang Jin Yi
Iris / now they have Iris 2
Road Number 1
Cinderella's Sister
No Limit

Here are some great sites to watch them for free! click on shows, then drama  go to Korean dramas on genre selection

Some are also on Netflix! A favorite to a lot of people is Boys Over Flowers. I know that is on Netflix I myself haven't seen this one yet.

So if you are a veteran of watching K-drama you know what I'm talking about. For those who never seen or heard of them before. Maybe you are tired of watching the same type of shows American TV has to offer or maybe just looking for cleaner shows, give Korean Dramas a try and you won't be disappointed! ( Including you Jessie)

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If any of you know anymore great K-Dramas you can recommend for me to watch let me know!

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Kait Loves FREE!!

Hey all my lovely followers! Just letting you know now until Aug. 31st when you buy 4 Red Barron , Tony's or Pagoda Express you can get a certificate you print out for a $12 movie ticket.

All you do is buy the specially marked items with Iron Man 3 on them and look on the inside of  the box for a special code you follow the directions to their site and enter your 4 codes and they will give you the file to print out your tickets. I've done these type of movie tickets through other products and its a great way to take the whole family to the movies for free. You might need some money for the concession stand but when you save 48 dollars on tickets you can afford a few things from the concession stand. Also we have went to the first movie of the day and got two people in with one coupon.

Click below for more information, rules, enter your zip for theaters and to redeem your codes!

Don't forget not all theaters accept these but most do so make sure you look for the participating locations in your area!

I hope you guys take advantage of these offers. Go out on a date night with you signification other, take the kids out for family night or have a night out with friends. Whichever you choose have a great time!

I love letting others in on my great finds! I will always share with you any I find that are worth telling about.

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