Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My New Adventure.....Voting!

Marco Rubio Rally

 Today's topic is on voting. It is Super Tuesday and all! 

Since I was legal age to vote I have never voted. I never registered. I grew up with a (Republican) dad that watched nothing but politics and then I married my husband (Democrat) who does the exact same thing. I've seen both side of the campaigns and I have always just seen a lot of people vote for their "team."

 I have felt all this time like it was a popularity contest and I never seen the point in voting. I have never seen politicians who I would whole heartily feel comfortable voting for so I figured I shouldn't vote just to be part of the crowd. 

 Well over the past couple of weeks something just came to me and I feel like I should vote. I don't like where this country is heading. I worry about what it will be like for my children as adults and I don't like what I see. So I feel like now is my time to vote.

   I promised I wouldn't be one of those voters I have heard at a Trump rally I attended who said " I'm voting for whoever is going to be the winner of the Republicans just so Democrats lose."  I also promised I would do as much research as I can to make a decision I feel I could live with and who I believed in most. Not just the popular candidate everyone else wants.

In this new adventure I wanted to take in the full experience. Especially since this is my first time voting. I decided to attend the speaking engagements of the presidential candidates.
They were all free and what was there to lose!

 I went to a Trump rally first it was a fun experience but I cannot say I was persuaded to swing that way.

Trump Rally in Atlanta 2/21/2016

I had planned to see Ted Cruz but didn't make it. I haven't been too drawn into his campaign much. That doesn't mean I won't be doing more research. 

I've seen Ben Carson at a local church not to have a rally but to give a sermon, I must say he has captured my attention with his soft spoken, calm demeanor. Unlike the others he has such a calm way of explaining himself and even though he never gets nearly enough media attention he respectfully gives his views and opinions. I feel he is one of the most sincere and honest of the candidates. In my opinion he deserves to be treated like all of the other candidates and people should be able to hear more from him. 

Ben Carson in Milner 2/28/2016

Yesterday I attended a rally for Marco Rubio. He is another one that has my attention. I feel like he is the closest to being a real person like myself. He also doesn't come off as highly hostile or cocky. I like his message and he is another one that comes off as sincere to me.
Marco Rubio in Buckhead 2/29/2016
John Kasich is one that I haven't been drawn to at all. I will do my research on him too but what I've heard hasn't thrilled me. 

I haven't been able to attend any of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders events. Like I've said, I've only been on this journey for the last 2 weeks and well most of the rally's I found out about were the Republicans.

My view with Hillary Clinton has been not too good. I feel like sometimes things are said to get the vote. But like all the other candidates I will continue with my research and who knows maybe I'll feel differently.

Bernie Sanders I haven't learned too much about yet. I do notice he doesn't get a lot of airtime from the media either. 

So as of now I really like Ben Carson and Marco Rubio. Please people do your own research and decide which candidates share your views, not just the popular ones only the news likes to tell you about.  Remember our President represents American for all of us, not just democratic or republican but as a whole, we really need a President who will represent America well and do what's best for us.

You might be like I was and think my one vote won't mean much but together it can. 

Some of these politicians can reel you in with a good speech or promises of what can't be delivered. Some are business minded and can run a business but that doesn't mean they can run a country!

I do have one regret, I regret that I started too late. I just registered to vote last week so I can't vote today. For all of you who have the privilege to make sure you do your part to vote! 

If you want to vote for the next President of the U.S.A here is a link to register to vote!

Here's links to the Presidential Candidates websites. If you have found your candidate help them win by volunteering!

Marco Rubio

Ben Carson

Ted Cruz

Hillary Clinton

Donald J Trump

Bernie Sanders

John Kasich

I hope this post helps. These are my opinions and my opinions only. I want you to find the candidate who best suits you. Be proud of your selection and do your best to help them win! 


Yours Truly,
~Ya Ya~