Saturday, May 18, 2013

Please Help This Couple In Their Time Of Need!!

Hey y'all! I just posted a post my sister has on her blog. She told me about this today and if I can help bring awareness to their situation I will do all I can. This story has really hurt my heart. The couple Lauren and Nick are from Fayette County Ga.. They are going through a very difficult time in their life. Lauren is pregnant with their little boy Ethan. They have found out their little angel Ethan will not be able to live outside of the womb because of a condition called Anencephaly. These parents are preparing funeral arrangements for their precious little baby and need all the help they can get for the expenses. They have raised $4,855.00. All they are asking for is a total of $6,000.00. So please find in your hearts to donate any amount to raise the $1,145 that remains. I believe in my readers, that is why I have done this. I think we can help these parents raise the money they need. I couldn't imagine going through such a painful experience. My heart and prayers are with them. Please spread the word to get their message out! If you can't donate any money, please pray for this family for the strength they will need and continue to spread the word where someone will donate.

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~Ya Ya~