Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Welcome Y'all!

Hey Y'all! Welcome to my page! My name is Crystal but you can call me Ya Ya. My niece started calling me this when she started talking and it just stuck. I'm a Southern girl born and raised in Georgia.Its a great place to live you get everything from the beaches to the mountains and everything in between.

 I am a mother of three beautiful kids.I have two boys Gabe and Logan and one girl Kait Kait. I am a stay at home mom. As a stay at home mom it can be a bit overwhelming at times but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm with a great guy named Sam and he is from Laos which is in Asia. He likes to cook about as much as I do! Our relationship reminds me of  King of the Hill and I would be Bobby if he was a chick. Sam is Kahn I'm sure you can see that he resembles him and he is from Laos too!

Now that you know a little about me I will tell you a little bit about what my blog is about! My sister Jessie has convinced me to set up a blog and I hope y'all enjoy it. On my blog I will have a little bit of everything. I will have ideas on how to save money in stores using coupons and other ways. I will be recommending sites I use daily that I love. D.I.Y crafts for all occasions. Movies, books and music I enjoy. Ideas for parents or anyone who enjoys deals and crafts.I will be placing recipes on here that I have tried and decided they were worthy of being  placed in my own cook books. Please enjoy and continue to come back to my site for more post. Thank you! 
YA YA :)