Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My New Adventure.....Voting!

Marco Rubio Rally

 Today's topic is on voting. It is Super Tuesday and all! 

Since I was legal age to vote I have never voted. I never registered. I grew up with a (Republican) dad that watched nothing but politics and then I married my husband (Democrat) who does the exact same thing. I've seen both side of the campaigns and I have always just seen a lot of people vote for their "team."

 I have felt all this time like it was a popularity contest and I never seen the point in voting. I have never seen politicians who I would whole heartily feel comfortable voting for so I figured I shouldn't vote just to be part of the crowd. 

 Well over the past couple of weeks something just came to me and I feel like I should vote. I don't like where this country is heading. I worry about what it will be like for my children as adults and I don't like what I see. So I feel like now is my time to vote.

   I promised I wouldn't be one of those voters I have heard at a Trump rally I attended who said " I'm voting for whoever is going to be the winner of the Republicans just so Democrats lose."  I also promised I would do as much research as I can to make a decision I feel I could live with and who I believed in most. Not just the popular candidate everyone else wants.

In this new adventure I wanted to take in the full experience. Especially since this is my first time voting. I decided to attend the speaking engagements of the presidential candidates.
They were all free and what was there to lose!

 I went to a Trump rally first it was a fun experience but I cannot say I was persuaded to swing that way.

Trump Rally in Atlanta 2/21/2016

I had planned to see Ted Cruz but didn't make it. I haven't been too drawn into his campaign much. That doesn't mean I won't be doing more research. 

I've seen Ben Carson at a local church not to have a rally but to give a sermon, I must say he has captured my attention with his soft spoken, calm demeanor. Unlike the others he has such a calm way of explaining himself and even though he never gets nearly enough media attention he respectfully gives his views and opinions. I feel he is one of the most sincere and honest of the candidates. In my opinion he deserves to be treated like all of the other candidates and people should be able to hear more from him. 

Ben Carson in Milner 2/28/2016

Yesterday I attended a rally for Marco Rubio. He is another one that has my attention. I feel like he is the closest to being a real person like myself. He also doesn't come off as highly hostile or cocky. I like his message and he is another one that comes off as sincere to me.
Marco Rubio in Buckhead 2/29/2016
John Kasich is one that I haven't been drawn to at all. I will do my research on him too but what I've heard hasn't thrilled me. 

I haven't been able to attend any of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders events. Like I've said, I've only been on this journey for the last 2 weeks and well most of the rally's I found out about were the Republicans.

My view with Hillary Clinton has been not too good. I feel like sometimes things are said to get the vote. But like all the other candidates I will continue with my research and who knows maybe I'll feel differently.

Bernie Sanders I haven't learned too much about yet. I do notice he doesn't get a lot of airtime from the media either. 

So as of now I really like Ben Carson and Marco Rubio. Please people do your own research and decide which candidates share your views, not just the popular ones only the news likes to tell you about.  Remember our President represents American for all of us, not just democratic or republican but as a whole, we really need a President who will represent America well and do what's best for us.

You might be like I was and think my one vote won't mean much but together it can. 

Some of these politicians can reel you in with a good speech or promises of what can't be delivered. Some are business minded and can run a business but that doesn't mean they can run a country!

I do have one regret, I regret that I started too late. I just registered to vote last week so I can't vote today. For all of you who have the privilege to make sure you do your part to vote! 

If you want to vote for the next President of the U.S.A here is a link to register to vote!

Here's links to the Presidential Candidates websites. If you have found your candidate help them win by volunteering!

Marco Rubio

Ben Carson

Ted Cruz

Hillary Clinton

Donald J Trump

Bernie Sanders

John Kasich

I hope this post helps. These are my opinions and my opinions only. I want you to find the candidate who best suits you. Be proud of your selection and do your best to help them win! 


Yours Truly,
~Ya Ya~ 


Monday, August 31, 2015

SUPPORT your Atlanta Braves!!

My girl knows the Braves are #1 win or lose!

So yesterday we made it to the Braves game. They were playing the Yankees. The Braves were totally destroyed by the Yankees. Not just this game but the whole 3 game series.

I think it is a shame that it felt more like you were in New York than in Atlanta. There were way more Yankee fans than Braves fans.

If you read my blog you know I'm a Braves fan and have been since I was a kid.

This year has been a tough one for the Braves. For one, almost the whole team was traded. For us fans we lost a lot of our favorites. Not to mention we are getting a new stadium in a different location which isn't even in Atlanta (which in my opinion is not needed.)

I myself have complained about getting new players and have had to get use to the thought of new ones. I have learned to live with it. We are not getting those players back so why keep crying over it. What we need to do as Braves fans are support these new guys.

Mark Lemke signing Logan's glove
All I have seen since they have started is, slamming the team. Oh this team sucks, they will never make the playoffs, we have no team. Now people are all over Freeman because of injuries... does anyone know what these players do for a living??? They cause wear and tear to their bodies every time they take the field. Should they even care to win if they don't even have fans who want them?

Maybe as fans if we try and lift their spirits instead of bash them they might feel that loved and feel like they belong. They didn't stand a chance coming into this team when they replaced every player we loved. They didn't choose to trade them and they didn't choose to be on this team. They have big shoes to fill and we must make them feel welcomed in our city.

Whether they are winning or losing we need to support them. We need to turn all this negativity into positivity. Let's not waste the last years at the Ted hating our own team. Find yourself new favorites with the guys we got.

Sitting at Turner Field with a 20-6 score isn't what a fan ever wants to see but I stayed until that final out. I was still Tomahawk Choppin' and cheering them on and I was happy to see a lady and her little boy behind me was doing the same. That is what we all need to do! When others are walking out early we need to stay and let them know we still are here for them.

Not every team is perfect and I know it's hard to support a team that isn't winning but look on the bright side we still have fan favorites Simmons & Freeman for now. We also have the newest fan favorite Jace Peterson! So let's keep our heads up and be there for the 2015 Atlanta Braves.

For those that can't, you might be better off finding yourself a new baseball team to cheer for! We need the fans that are in when things are going bad as well as good!

Let's attend more games or watch the game on t.v and like momma always said if you can't say nothing nice please don't say anything at all!

                                                       Let's go BRAVES!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Breakup..... All Good Things Must Come To An End

This is one of the hardest post I have had to write. Going through this breakup is hard to do.  It is getting use to the thought of you not being there early in the morning when I need you most, to pick me up and give me the energy I need to make it through the day. I have become accustomed to having you by my side day and night. I loved you more when you were cold than when you were hot but I loved all of you.

 I don't think I can make it through this cloudy morning without you. It has come to the point that my doctor seems to think we need to separate. It's no longer a healthy relationship. It's not just you, it's the onions, the garlic, the hot sauce and your brother caffeine.  

I can say I slept better last night than I have in a long time. But this morning it is pretty hard and I can't shake the sleepy feeling, just keeping my eyes open is a new task on my daily to do list.

Thanks for always being there!

To my readers who have had to cut coffee from your life, what have you replaced it with?
I am the type of person that drinks from morning to late afternoon. Besides water it is my drink of choice. I haven't notice how much it helps keep me going in the morning until these past two days without it.

 My doctor seems to think I could be having symptoms of acid reflux so he has given me a list of do not eat or drink. Coffee by far is the worst to get rid of.
I sure will miss my coffee!

Any suggestions? Please let me know.

Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly,
~Ya Ya~

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eye Can See Clearly Now

As I blindily sit here waiting to see the eye doctor it reminds me of my first eye exam when I was 7.

My sister and I went together and wanted to pick our glasses. My parents let us choose too. I walked out with some thick lens with clear pink framed beauties (so I thought!) My sister, the same style but purple! We were too cool.

Those same glasses these days have obviously made a comeback. Where at a time when people wanted the thinnest frames, to now the thicker the better. Maybe we were the original trendsetters!

Back then it was an excited experience. Now it's reality. I can't even operate without the help of glasses or contacts. I can't see much but a blur without them.

I'm now waiting for Sam he's trying out contacts for the first time so he is in his class while I finish up this post. It sounds as if they are teaching a child to ride a bike. There's a lot of laugher and firm repeated instructions. It's pretty entertaining!

Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly,
 ~Ya Ya~

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

They Say Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.....

Sam and I on Crystal Pier Wrightville Beach, NC

Wow! I sure have been away for awhile..... Last post was in October 2013. I can say I have had a lot going on during that time. I let my blogging get away from me. I think it's finally time for my come back. I have really missed my blog. But I feel like we are those friends that no matter how long we go without seeing/talking each other we just pick up where we left off. I hope you all feel the same way!

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island, GA 
 Since my departure Sam and I have bought 2 homes and a little cabin up in North GA near the mountains. We have moved about 45 minutes south of our previous home. It was a lot getting use to. I grew up and lived in the same county for 30 years. I've settled now and can say I am happy in the little town we live in.

Sam and the kids Jekyll Island

 The kids are growing like weeds (the weeds that I need to cut in the front yard) I'd say that's pretty darn fast! Gabe's a 4th Grader and Loganator has went through Pre-K and is now proudly in Kindergarten. School started back Monday so now Kait Kait and me have the house all to ourselves during the day! We read our books, paint our nails and attempt multiple hairstyles thanks to Pinterest for proving me a failure in the hair stylin' department!
The kids Cleveland, GA 

 We stay pretty busy the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 we took a two week trip traveling to Cali and back. Just in 2015 alone we have took trips to Gatlinburg,TN, multiple trips to Helen, GA, Washington D.C to North Carolina's beautiful beaches and just came back Sunday from a last minute mini-vacation to our beloved Golden Isles (the Georgia Coast Barrier Islands) St. Simons and Jekyll Island.

Marsh Views on our bike ride through Jekyll

 I have been doing great things the past year and a half. I even had a seasonal part time job hopefully I will be going back to! I will fill you in as we go along!

Crystal Pier on Wrightsville Beach, NC
 Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly,
 ~Ya Ya~

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dr. Scholl's Active Series Replacement Insoles !

Hey everyone! As I have told you in the past I have joined a site named At this site you take surveys and write reviews on products you like or dislike. Yes, they like your honest opinion. They will match you up with the surveys you take to certain products and then you become eligible to receive a VoxBox. Vox boxes can contain anything from a coupon for a free product to a box full or items free from a few different brands.
My Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles!

Recently I was chosen to get the Dr. Scholl's Active Series Replacement Insoles for my running shoes. These Insoles are suppose to help and prevent pain. I have been wearing them in my shoes since I have opened them up. I personally suffer from knee and foot pain. Mainly foot pain because I have high arches and nothing seems to support them.

Since I have been wearing the Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles I have had  no foot pain and very little to no knee pain. The insoles fit perfectly in my shoes and provide such comfort to my feet.I feel like every part of my foot is being supported. They help me to exercise longing because of the comfort.

I am very happy with Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles and these are solely my opinion and thoughts on the products.

Here's the link to their site where you can pick up a $4.00 off coupon for a pair of Active Series Insoles to try for yourself.

Make sure to check out Influenster's site to learn more and to request your invite to join!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Thanks for reading! Remember to join my site to get all of the up to date post. I am due to receive a Rose Vox Box soon so I will let you know what all goodies I get!

Yours Truly,
~Ya Ya~

Friday, October 25, 2013

Been Busy Busy Busy but I'm Coming Back!

Hey Everyone! It's been a while since I have posted it's not because I didn't want to I promise that. A lot has been going on around here. With the seasons changing my kids have been taking turns having strept throat. Each week for the past month a different one has had. This has been my first sick free week. I guess I spoke to soon about that because this morning when I woke my son Gabe announces his throat is sore again. Maybe I won't get a sick free week!

The CDC offers great advice on strep and all other sicknesses your family may be experiencing with all the weather changes. Here's their link I'm sure you will find helpful advice there!

On top of sick babies I have been on a massive mission house hunting. That is no easy task. Anyone planning to do that better be prepared. Between all of the listed properties online that actually are off the market and the real estate companies that never call you back it can take forever. I luckily found a cute townhouse right around the corner from my apartments so Gabe can finish his school year in the same school.

New place!

I have been shopping for furniture and accessories at IKEA one of my favorite stores to go to! But If you want to miss the crowds don't go on the weekend. It's like black Friday and a lot of shoppers are rude. Ikea has a lot of great sales. Also, if you haven't signed up for it yet they have a Family rewards card that saves you money and gives you free Hot Coffee or Hot Tea Every time you visit their restaurant. I must warn you that most of the pieces you buy there you do have to piece together yourself but it is definitely worth it. IKEA has a very family friendly atmosphere with courtesy diapers in the family restrooms and a play land for the kiddos while you shop. I also love that they have a restaurant and bistro. No leaving to find place to eat when your kids start nagging about being hungry! Just roll them to the to the bistro for concession type foods with great deals or head to the restaurant for a more dine in experience.

Here's the link for their site to discover more great things about IKEA!

Eating at IKEA

So between sicknesses and house hunting we took a well needed vacation! We went down to Jekyll Island, GA. One of Georgia's most beautiful, natural places to visit. If you are ever looking for a great laid back vacation full of nature and plenty of relaxing you have to check it out. We stayed for 5 nights and six days and a great affordable place to stay is at the Days Inn. It offers beach views, fire pit, 2 pools, a kiddy pool & hot tub, grill,  great little free deluxe continental & on site bike rentals. While on our stay we rode bikes 10+ miles around the island (a must if you visit). We played putt-putt, If you like golf they have courses for that too! Spent countless hours walking the beach and finding natural treasures. We fished off piers, played in parks and swam for hours in the pool and ocean. We even used the fire pit to roast marshmallows and hot dogs one night. We were building memories with the kids and this is one of the best places to do it.

The View from our hotel Door!

I mentioned that it is pretty natural. They have very limited stores and buildings. It's so quiet and peaceful. Wildlife is very abundant, deer and raccoon are everywhere. In the parks squirrels come around in hoards and have such cute personalities. We also seen a small shark feeding off the shoreline and pods of dolphins on South beach.We like to visit around the Fall because there are less people and low prices.

Discover Jekyll Island, GA for yourself!

Start making your reservations! They have great monthly specials!

Beautiful scenery in Jekyll Island, GA!

On our journey we planned to visit a few Nationals parks along the way. Gabe has been learning a lot about James Oglethorpe and Native Americans so we decided to visit places to give him history lessons. however the government shutdown prevented a few of our stops. So makes sure when you are traveling that you call any places you have on your list to make sure they are open for certain season ad their open hours are correct. Or maybe there will be another government shutdown that crosses your path!

Government Shutdown prevented us from letting Gabe see where history was made!

On our way home we stopped in Savannah another lovely gem in Georgia! (This is why I could care less to vacation outside of Georgia there is so much to discover!) The town is littered in parks and architecture. Best to walk everywhere you go. We had lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant The Lady & Sons. Great southern home made taste cuisine. The taste felt just like being at home around the dinner table when I was a kid. (For best results call and make an appointment if you are planning to go. It can be packed on certain days and at certain hours.)

The Lady & Sons in Savannah, GA 

Forsyth Park In Savannah, GA 

While we were in Savannah they were filming the Sponge Bob 2 movie so the kiddos had the chance to see some of the set of the movie.  We headed to the riverfront and the kids were amazed at all of the big cargo ships bringing in goods from other countries. We met a local artist painting in front of the river and bought a couple of pictures from him. After that we finished our trip walking from park to park looking at all of the beautiful scenery and learning a lot of Georgia's history.

Ships at the Riverfront!
Spongebob 2 Filming in Savannah!

Make your  reservations and learn more about whats on the menu!

Learn more about Savannah, GA!

Well everyone here is a glimpse of why I haven't been around much. But I promise to be better with posting! I hope you all are enjoying the Fall season.

Yours Truly,