Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Tree! Picking up ours this weekend!

I'm so excited! One of my favorite times of the season, going with the family to pick out our perfect Christmas tree! We always get a tall fat Fraser Fir. The smell of a fresh cut tree in your house screams Christmas! It reminds me of childhood it's just something you can't get with a plastic tree!

Here's a blurry pic of last years Christmas tree! Not the one from the woods!

  About two years ago Sam and I felt pretty adventurous and decided to go out in the sticks of Georgia and cut down a tree. Oh how beautiful that tree was standing alone in the woods I had it picked out for weeks! So I got Sam to start chopping away with a small handsaw. After about 30 minutes that tree fell and we loaded it up on the back of the truck and headed home with the most perfect tree I thought I had ever seen. He drags it up two flights of stairs to our apartment and we get it in the stand and that's when it happened...

 That is when I noticed  that it was the ugliest tree I had ever seen! Outside in those woods it was tall and full and that is where it belonged! Inside it was so gaped up and the branches were to flimsy to hold most of our ornaments. It did smell glorious though! But after like 4 days that tree was so dried up and the needles were falling off and when it got in our carpet it was like stepping on nails. You would have to pry them from your feet and wipe off the blood it left behind! We were haunted by those needles a year after that tree was removed.

That tree did grow on me and it's one of those things that we will always remember. After everything was on it, it wasn't such a bad little tree. It was just like that Charlie Brown Christmas tree! I will say though I will never do that again, but it was a fun experience. In the end Sam dragged it out across the street to the woods and not so long ago it came back to remind us what we had done.Someone actually dragged that same old tree out of the woods all brown and dead and laid it out on the lawn across the street. We were reminded of that tree going on two years after we used it.

If you haven't ever went out in the woods to find your Christmas tree, I would recommend at least once in your life to try it and see what memories you can add with your family!

Well tomorrow we will be heading off to our local hardware store that we always buy our tree from and bringing in a new memory. I'll let y'all know how it goes!

Always feel free to comment with any special moments you have had when picking out a Christmas Tree!!