Monday, April 1, 2013

Go Braves!!

Chipper At Bat !!
It's finally opening day for the Atlanta Braves my kiddos have been waiting for this day since we took them to their first game last year to see our beloved Chipper Jones leave us.
  We have tickets for Wednesday's game and we are very excited to go. Gabe made a calender the beginning of March to countdown the days.
The boys at the game!
  If you have never been to a game it's an awesome experience. You have to at least go to one in your lifetime!

 We have always been a Braves Family! I grew up watching the games on TV with my family. I got lost at the Braves parade when I was little. My granny was one of the biggest fans I've known she went to many games in her lifetime and watched every game she could on television. I remember her calling me just to ask what time and channel the game was going to be on. We lost her in 2006 and every time I see a game on that is who I am reminded of.

From my childhood to this day I have loved baseball. My sister and I used to watch the Sandlot a million times when I was younger and the day I was in the hospital to give birth it happen to be on while she was there with me waiting for my Gabe. It was our favorite. We also use to play everyday for hours with the neighborhood kids in a empty lot down the street from us. It was such a great time for us.

 Gabe is on a little league team and wasn't too happy he was picked for the Yankees.Now my kids love baseball and we enjoy it as a family!

Don't forget to watch the game tonight at 7:10 on Espn 2,  Fox Sport South or the MLB Channel on Directv.
Also check out their website at for Braves tickets and information  on Turner Field!

It should be an exciting season with the Upton Brothers joining the Lineup!
Hope you all enjoy the game!