Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Ideas and Events!

Picture I took on a beautiful day!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is Earth day and if you would like to attend an event or volunteer I have found the best website for locating the ones closest to you! Some have past but there are a lot coming up this week. There is also a search if you would like to volunteer just put in your zip code and they will give you the closest places to volunteer.

Click below for events and volunteering!

Here is another great website you can donate and to learn more about great ways to help the Earth!

Great one about Earth Day!
My beautiful wildflowers!

Here are some great websites with activities & learning about being eco friendly for the kiddos to do !

A great idea for teaching your kids about Earth Day is sitting down and watching the movie WALL-E with them it is a great way to show them what Earth would be if everyone littered and didn't care to keep it clean. It's a great one for Earth day!
Pic of a tree I took that became the center piece for a garden!

You can check out YouTube with your kids to find the old Classic Captain Planet one of my all time personal favorites! My sister and I would watch this every Saturday or Sunday morning!

It's a great time to teach your kids how to do their part to keep our world in tip top shape and why it is important!