Monday, April 8, 2013

DIRT CHEAP!! Discounted Flowers! More Money in your pockets!!

Save Money !!

One tip I forgot to mention on my last post.... How to get great flowers at a very very low price. I like to go to Kroger after holidays or anytime really and go around the floral department. When they have discounts you can score big! I got 2 hydrangea plants worth a total of $25 for $2. Plus I always get other plants for great deals!

Also, Lowe's is great they always have an awesome flower selection with beautiful flowers in their discounted section. You can get six pack flowers for as low as .10 and hanging baskets for like $2. You can't beat that unless you dig up your neighbors flowers when they are not at home!

Check out these sights for other savings through out their stores!
                             I hope these tips are useful! Happy Gardening!