Saturday, April 20, 2013

EARTH DAY!! Don't Forget 4/22/2013

                                                              Pic I Took on a Beautiful day!

                                    "And forget not that the earth delights to feel                                           your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."                                                                   ~Khalil Gibran~ 

Good Evening Y'all! I've been thinking about Earth Day today and wondering how I will do my part. Earth Day is a couple of days away and maybe you don't have any plans for it. To some people it is just another day. Maybe this year can be your first year to really get into doing at least one thing that might help make our world a little cleaner. This is the same Earth that all of our future generations will be living on, so taking care of it now is very important.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

* Go by your local plant nursery and buy a tree to plant. Pick out a tree that you love or grab your favorite fruit tree! You won't just be helping the environment you will be enjoying a healthy treat year after year and also saving money!

* Get a water purifier attachment for your faucet or the water purifying pitcher to keep in your fridge.You will be keeping a lot of plastic out of landfills and putting more money in your pocket. Bottled water can get expensive! Think about it just 1 - 24 pack of water a week for a year is $260.00 and 1,248 plastic bottles a year. Most people I know easily go through 2 packs a week. If you do want to keep buying water think of finding a place close by to recycle the bottles. Even ask you garbage pick up if they are recycling bins you can use.

* Carry along with you a few reusable bags for any shopping you do. It doesn't sound like much but if 10 people save 10 bags each that day it is 100 plastics bags that wasn't used. 100 bags times 365 days is 36,500. That really starts to add up.

Turtles at the pond!

* My local grocery store offers plastic bag recycling. If you are hoarding a lot of plastic shopping bags see if your grocery store participates in this and take them up there.

* Open your blinds at home to let in the lovely sunshine for natural lighting. It saves energy and saves you money!
Taking a stroll at the park !

* Go to a park, cemetery or walk a mile down your street  and pick up any trash you see. Get your neighbors involved. This will help while making your neighborhood beautiful.

* Take a bike to work or to do lite shopping ( if it's not to far from home) instead of driving.

* Take your car to your auto shop and get all the filters changed out. Clean filters mean you use less gas, less gas means less air pollution, less air pollution means healthier air to breath and more money in your pockets!

These are just a few ideas to help you do your part on Earth Day, don't forget you can do these anytime not just one day a year. Just choosing one will make a difference. I plan to do something and I hope you choose to!