Monday, March 25, 2013

I'M DYING! Easter Eggs that is!!

                                 Yes that is a plastic egg Sam!

Here is our old traditional way to dye eggs it's pretty simple and fun for the family!

                                 Simple Easter Eggs

Boiling Water
Boiled Eggs
Food Coloring ( at the baking department of your local grocery store)
White Distilled Vinegar

Boil water in a big pot.Place however many eggs you want in the pot. Cook about 12- 15 mins When finished drain water fill with cold water to help cool the eggs fast. Boil another pot of water. Get a cup or bowl for each color of food coloring you have. Put a tablespoon of vinegar into each cup. Ladle out hot water into each cup until 1/2 full. Put a few drops of food coloring into each cup more or less for lighter or darker coloring. Gather your boiled eggs and your little chicks (your kiddos). Let your kids each have a spoon and place a boiled egg onto it. Let them softly lower their egg into the color of their choice. Let the egg set in the cup for at least 1 minute, longer for darker colors. Take egg out and place back into egg crate to dry. Repeat with all eggs and there you have it perfect Easter Eggs!

I hope you enjoy doing this as I do, but remember you might have different colored hands for a few days if you don't wear some sort of glove!