Monday, April 8, 2013

Beautiful Flowers for your Gardens!


                                                                            The earth laughs in flowers.” 
                                                                               ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's finally Spring! The one thing I always love about Spring is flowers. I love to plant flowers. They make me happy! So many colors and varieties I feel like I can never have enough. Today I will share the must haves in my garden!

A must have in every southern garden!

Hydrangeas come in white, pinks, blues and purples. I prefer the blue! Growing up my granny had these in her yard. I remember always picking the big blue bouquets and I have loved them ever since!

For info on Hydrangeas click below!

Source: Wikipedia
So pretty they remind me of sunshine!

Daffodils are very easy to grow! You see them everywhere in gardens and out in the wild!

For info on Daffodils click below!

Source: Wikipedia
They smell like heaven!

Gardenias grow on a bush about 5 - 6 ft high . They are a great accent to any garden and the fragrance you can smell for miles! Plant close to your window so when you open your windows you have a natural air freshener!

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Source: Wikipedia
Lots of color!

Growing up we always had these in our yard. They give off a lot of color and have so many blooms! Great to pick and put in a vase on the table!

For more info on Azaleas click below!

Source: My Lovely sister Jessica Scott
Such a beautiful mix and very easy to grow!

Wildflower mix is a seed packet I love to buy you don't know what you get until they bloom. Also so easy just throw out the seeds water here and now and watch them grow!

For more info on Wildflowers click below!

Four O'Clocks
Source: Wikipedia
Beautiful flowers with a lovely scent!

Another easy plant to grow and easily multiplies! After the flowers die they leave you with a black seed you can pick off and plant where ever else you would like them! Also you can share them with family and friends!

For more info on Four O'Clocks click below!

Source: Wikipedia
 Another great smelling flower!

So pretty and last a long time. Hyacinths grow from bulbs and can be indoor or outdoor . They smell great!

For more info on hyacinths click below!

Source: Wikipedia
Reminds me of Hawaii!

A big beautiful tropical flower! The Hibiscus remind me of being out on a island enjoying ocean views!

For More info on Hibiscus click below!

I have so many others these are to name a few! I hope you plant some in your garden and send me some flowers you recommend! Happy gardening!