Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!!

Love Taking pics here's one of Atlanta!

Good Afternoon Y'all! Today I have a topic on some of the most addictive and great websites I have come across! I'm warning you now that they are very addictive and you will waste hours on them without notice! These are my favorites!


Pinterest is my new favorite recommended by my sister Jessica. It took a whole lot of convincing and after 4 months I finally opened an account and loved it ever since. If you are having a bad day all you have to do is put in humor in the Pinterest search bar and you will be in such a better mood they have the funniest things on it. I look this up daily just because it brings a smile to my face.
  Also great ideas are on Pinterest categories weddings, birthdays, vacations and holiday planning. Crafts for kids, recipes, DIY projects and beauty tips. You have your own cyber bulletin boards you name as many as you want and then pin the ideas you like to them! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do and be sure to follow my Pinterest  my name on it is Ya Ya's!


Great website! You have your own personal photo album for your family and friends to see if set on private.Or set public and the world sees your pictures! You can follow your family and friends so you get to see them even if they are far away! You also can follow some of your favorites celebrities that have a Instagram. I love taking pictures and looking at them so this is one I'm a huge fan of!


Great website to follow friends, family and celebs on! See whats going on in others lives and also a great way to find out whats going on in your neighborhood. Post your opinions of anything on your mind. Follow me at Ya Ya's Idea!


Very addictive if you love playing online games! You can even win money by a little lottery they have called Chachinga Bingo! You can earn points and spend them in their store for real prizes! Game categories include Casino Games, Arcade, Cash, Quick Play, Card Games,Strategy, Game Show and Words. So many games for whichever you prefer! Have fun playing but remember it is addictive!

Kait before Tazz
                                                                     Kait After Tazz


Last but not least is Tazz. Such a fun website it is a virtual makeover website! Just upload a picture of your face and you can add hairstyles and makeup choices to see how you would look with them!  Above is one I did for fun of my Kait to see what she would look like with hair! This is such a entertaining website!

Check out these websites and let me know of any other fun websites! Hope you have fun and enjoy them like I do !