Monday, April 29, 2013

Gardening Tip # 1! Roses!

My rose bud ! some how I can't fix it from turning sideways in this pic.

Hey everyone! While working at the fruit stand I met a elderly fella who told me a trick to fertilize your roses.  He told me that to fertilize his roses he would chop up the banana peels or blend them with a little water and put around his rose plants.

Another tip I came across is all those used coffee grounds you throw out after you make your pot of coffee mixed with a little water are also a great way to get your roses to bloom. Or you can always just sprinkle them around your bushes!

Happy Gardening and I hope these are helpful to you !

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great Georgia Produce!!

My boys love their fruits and veggies!

Hey Y'all tonight my post is about all the great the great produce that Georgia is known for. This is great for anyone living in Georgia and for anyone just passing through! In my past I worked at a fruit stand , the whole outside atmosphere and all!

  I spent 2 years there and learned more than I ever known about produce. It wasn't always the easiest job but I always enjoyed meeting new people from all over and getting to know all the regulars.You find out sometimes people stop in and just want to talk just to have someone listen to them.    

     Some of the job requirements were working in the elements (summers here can get really hot!), unloading 25-70 lbs boxes of produce and unloading watermelons and taking them out to peoples cars. Going through produce daily and restocking, during winter stacking fire wood and loading it into cars and tying up Christmas trees to cars. Just for anyone who ends up owning one or working for one here is a heads up!

  One thing I miss about that job is having an ice cold glass bottled R/C or Nehi Peach in hand and munching on boiled peanuts while waiting for customers!

 Our top sellers were boiled peanuts (a southern favorite!) tomatoes, watermelons, Vidalia onions, peaches and pecans. I also learned that a lot of people love green plums, these are little unripe plums that can be bitter or sour. Most people eat them with salt.

 Here are a few tips I hope you enjoy!

Vidalia Onions- Georgia's State Vegetable -These hail from Vidalia, Georgia! Their name is protected and cannot carry it unless they are certified to. They are shipped to 50 states and most of Canada! Vidalia Onions are sweet instead of hot and more of a flatter and round shape than other onions. They are to me and a lot of others the best! The season for Vidalias are Mid-April til around September ( after Labor day they get hard to find.)You can pick up a bag today at your local grocers and taste the difference!

Here is a great website for history, recipes, kiddo recipes and to order a bag of your own!
Here is the direct link to their page to order!

Peaches- Georgia's State Fruit- Sweet, juicy GA peaches! You can't live or visit Georgia without picking up some of these! They sell by the basket fulls. I love them when they are soft to the touch, fully ripe and the smell screams peach this is when they are the juiciest! I will warn you though, their fuzz can make you and your lips itch. Some people do prefer peaches when they are hard to me they don't have the full potential as when they are soft. Not much flavor. Georgia Peaches are in season from Mid- May to August. Also when someone is asking for cling free peaches they mean the pit (seed) inside doesn't stick to the flesh. When you have over ripe or bruised peaches they are great for making peach cobbler or peaches and cream. There are many types of recipes for this but here is one that I use!

Sliced Peaches
Heavy Cream or Whole Milk

Place sliced peaches in bowl, add sugar (of your liking) and cover with heavy cream or whole milk stir it up. Place in the freezer until almost to icing, take out and stir up to eat. It's a great, easy and creamy treat! It's kinda like cold melted peach ice cream!

Here are a couple of great websites for history, recipes and farmer information!

Watermelons- We sold 10,000+ a Summer. One question everyone wants to know is how to pick the best one, here are some tips, make sure you have a nice yellow spot on the bottom this shows that it sit on the ground long enough to ripen. another is make sure you have a nice green stem, if it's brown and hard it means it's been picked and sitting awile. Green stem means freshly picked. Sometimes watermelons sit around to long and start to get mushy. Also there is the thump test. Thump the watermelon you are looking for a hollow sound. this means it is most likely ripe. In Georgia Most of our watermelons come from Cordele, GA. Known as "The Watermelon Capitol of the World." People come from all over to buy bus loads of melons to sell. We sold a few different varieties including, seedless, yellow meat ( the inside is yellow) and sugar babies ( mostly single serving but some of the sweetest watermelons you will ever eat!) Sugar Babies have a very dark green skin almost black.  I prefer seedless or seedless Sugar Babies! Before GA watermelons come in alot of the watermelons come from Florida. They also produce a great tasting watermelon! Our season is June - August you can still find a few in September but it starts getting hard to find!

Here are some website with recipe sand facts!

This page tells you what the harvest season is for Ga Fruit and Vegetables!

Tomatoes- Tomatoes were a big seller all year around! Georgia tomatoes are available from March until November. the rest of the year they mostly come from Florida. Florida tomatoes are some of the best! Everyone always wanted GA tomatoes. All of our tomatoes were vine - ripe. Vine-ripe is when they are not picked until they are ripe from the vine, they have the best taste. A lot of places like to sell hot house tomatoes, these are picked green and then gassed to turn red, the inside looks whitish still and are harder to the touch. To me they taste like cardboard. Once you have vine-ripe you never go back!. green tomatoes are another great seller used to pickle or to fry. Here's a tip if you have a tomato that is not fully ripened and you want to use them soon place the tomatoes in a paper bag with bananas they produce a gas to help with then ripening process. Tomatoes are great for a lot of dishes! My favorite is the Tomato Sandwich! On a hot Summer day in the south nothing is better! Here's my recipe. Oh so simple!

Tomato Sandwich 

2 slices of bread of your choice
4 slices of tomatoes (enough to cover the bread slice)
salt & pepper

Get two slices of bread, spread mayo onto one side of each slice, place tomatoes on to cover the bread. Sprinkle with salt and I like a lot of pepper. Cover with 2nd slice and Enjoy!

That's it very easy and convenient! Great for picnics!

This website has recipes!

This websites tells you how to grow your own tomatoes!

Boiled Peanuts- Georgia is well known for peanuts and Georgia is the number-one peanut-producing state in the country! Boiled peanuts are very popular down south! I would have out of towners come in that never had them, I would let them sample them. some people loved them and some people didn't like the texture.(it's like the texture of a cooked pinto bean). We had to cook 50lbs. bags every other day to keep up with the demand. These are a great summer treat! Great to take to the ballpark. The way they are ate is you suck the juice out of the end, pop open the shell and enjoy the peanuts inside.This is how you can make your own!

Boiled Peanuts

Raw peanuts in shell

Place peanuts in a large pot, fill with water and add salt. if you are using a lot of water you are going to have to add a good amount of salt. Heat on high, bring to a boil then lower the temp to medium heat. Let cook 2-3 hours or until no longer crunchy. When done taste to see if they need more slat. If so add more and let boil 20 minutes longer. Keep an eye on the water when cooking because it can evaporate and burn up your pot and peanuts.
Another way add all ingredients into a crock pot cook on high setting for 2- 4 hours. If still crunchy cook longer!
NOTE: When I say raw, I mean it isn't roasted or cooked in anyway. I've tried with roasted and they never softened up.

  If you have never had them try atleast once. You may end up with a new favorite snack!

Check out these great websites!

Pecans- Georgia has plenty of pecan orchards. I found out when I worked at the stand that China was buy out all the orchards and shipping the pecans over seas and then sell them back to America which has made pecans rise to $9.00 a pound. I'd say that is pretty expensive! We get lucky here because sometimes you can find pecan trees out around the country or at an abandoned house. That keeps you from having to spend so much. Pecans are available in November. If you are buying pecans in June you are most likely buying last years crop. My secret is is keep unused pecans in the shell and in a bag , place them in the fridge. When you are ready to use them they taste as fresh as the day you picked them. Great recipes for pecans are pecan pie & pralines (a sugar spice coated pecan.) I love to eat these fresh out of the shell!

Great site for recipes!

Great site for information!

Canteloupes- Great, orange flesh melons with a veiny rough looking tannish skin. Best way to eat these is to chill in the fridge, slice in half gut out the seeds and slice! These are a really good and refreshing snack on a hot day! Best way to pick one at the store is to look for the one with the most color. The less green the better, green means not at it's ripest. Also smell the end of the melon if it smells strong of canteloupe that means it's pretty ripe! Same as with watermelons look for the stem that isn't brown and hard that means the greener the stem the freshly picked. Less chance of getting a mushy one.

Great site for recipes and growing tips!

Well there you have it! A few tips on some great produce! Bring more into your families life for a healthier living. Check out your local fruit stands and Farmer's Market! You can get some of the freshest, cheapest and local products around.

 You can also local U-Pick farms. These are a great place to take you kids to teach them where the food on their plates come from.

 When I was little my parents would take us to the peach orchard farm to pick fresh peaches. It was a fun thing we did and it left us with great family memories! You will be helping your local farmers stay in business to provide you with that experience.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post! Always feel free to comment on how you feel about my post. Remember to subscribe by email to get my post as they come out ! Thank you for your support!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Send The ATL BRAVES to the All Star Game!

We scored Brian Jordan's Autograph at the April 3 Braves game! 
To all my baseball fans out there ! Don't forget to vote for your favorite Braves Players to go to the 2013 All-Star Game!

 I voted yesterday! You can vote up to 25 times and the site makes it super easy. Show your support by getting as many players as possible to the game!

Click Below To Vote!

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ATL Braves Alert!! Jason Heyward!!

We are cheering for Jason Heyward a quick recovery!

Hey all you Braves fans out there! Just to let you know Jason Heyward is out of the line-up until further notice he underwent an appendectomy last night. He will take some time to recovery.

The Braves to date have had 13 wins and 5 loses! They are having a great start to the season! 

Don't forget you can follow Jason Heyward on Twitter and Facebook and wish him a well recovery!

Monday, April 22, 2013

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A Day in the Life of a Super Mom: A Mommy Blog: 5 Recipes to Celebrate Earth Day and Spring

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Tonight!! Lyrid Meteor Shower! April 22, 2013

Pic  I took one day of very beautiful clouds!

From April 16 -25 The Lyrid Meteor Shower is going on. Tonight is suppose to be the peak to see them best.You can see 20 an hour with surges of 100 an hour. These events are rare. I will for sure be outside tonight for the free show! Have fun star gazing!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Ideas and Events!

Picture I took on a beautiful day!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is Earth day and if you would like to attend an event or volunteer I have found the best website for locating the ones closest to you! Some have past but there are a lot coming up this week. There is also a search if you would like to volunteer just put in your zip code and they will give you the closest places to volunteer.

Click below for events and volunteering!

Here is another great website you can donate and to learn more about great ways to help the Earth!

Great one about Earth Day!
My beautiful wildflowers!

Here are some great websites with activities & learning about being eco friendly for the kiddos to do !

A great idea for teaching your kids about Earth Day is sitting down and watching the movie WALL-E with them it is a great way to show them what Earth would be if everyone littered and didn't care to keep it clean. It's a great one for Earth day!
Pic of a tree I took that became the center piece for a garden!

You can check out YouTube with your kids to find the old Classic Captain Planet one of my all time personal favorites! My sister and I would watch this every Saturday or Sunday morning!

It's a great time to teach your kids how to do their part to keep our world in tip top shape and why it is important!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

EARTH DAY!! Don't Forget 4/22/2013

                                                              Pic I Took on a Beautiful day!

                                    "And forget not that the earth delights to feel                                           your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."                                                                   ~Khalil Gibran~ 

Good Evening Y'all! I've been thinking about Earth Day today and wondering how I will do my part. Earth Day is a couple of days away and maybe you don't have any plans for it. To some people it is just another day. Maybe this year can be your first year to really get into doing at least one thing that might help make our world a little cleaner. This is the same Earth that all of our future generations will be living on, so taking care of it now is very important.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

* Go by your local plant nursery and buy a tree to plant. Pick out a tree that you love or grab your favorite fruit tree! You won't just be helping the environment you will be enjoying a healthy treat year after year and also saving money!

* Get a water purifier attachment for your faucet or the water purifying pitcher to keep in your fridge.You will be keeping a lot of plastic out of landfills and putting more money in your pocket. Bottled water can get expensive! Think about it just 1 - 24 pack of water a week for a year is $260.00 and 1,248 plastic bottles a year. Most people I know easily go through 2 packs a week. If you do want to keep buying water think of finding a place close by to recycle the bottles. Even ask you garbage pick up if they are recycling bins you can use.

* Carry along with you a few reusable bags for any shopping you do. It doesn't sound like much but if 10 people save 10 bags each that day it is 100 plastics bags that wasn't used. 100 bags times 365 days is 36,500. That really starts to add up.

Turtles at the pond!

* My local grocery store offers plastic bag recycling. If you are hoarding a lot of plastic shopping bags see if your grocery store participates in this and take them up there.

* Open your blinds at home to let in the lovely sunshine for natural lighting. It saves energy and saves you money!
Taking a stroll at the park !

* Go to a park, cemetery or walk a mile down your street  and pick up any trash you see. Get your neighbors involved. This will help while making your neighborhood beautiful.

* Take a bike to work or to do lite shopping ( if it's not to far from home) instead of driving.

* Take your car to your auto shop and get all the filters changed out. Clean filters mean you use less gas, less gas means less air pollution, less air pollution means healthier air to breath and more money in your pockets!

These are just a few ideas to help you do your part on Earth Day, don't forget you can do these anytime not just one day a year. Just choosing one will make a difference. I plan to do something and I hope you choose to!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EVERY PARENT SHOULD READ! It's not always easy to be a parent!


Good Morning Everybody! It's such a beautiful day in Georgia this morning the sun is shining  and the birds are chirping!
 As you all know I am a mother of 3 and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I love my babies! 
I was on Pinterest last night and came across this great quote! It is the truth! I realize parents never give themselves enough credit when it comes to raising their kids.

Being a parent is not an easy job and all we can do is our best. Our best doesn't mean giving our children every new updated expensive thing they see on T.V. or trying to be a best friend to them! Our best is giving them all your love, and attention they need to grow into happy healthy loving individuals. Teaching them morals and respect.(Which is hard when everything on t.v., magazines and the radio are showing otherwise.)  It's okay to show them that you don't 
always get what you want in life or win at everything. I teach my kids to always give it their all and do their best in everything they do and if they tried their best in the end that's all that matters. 
You might not always feel like the best parent cause you can't give them the world. It's okay just remember that expensive toy they want will most likely be a waste of money they will play with it maybe a week and never touch it again. I'm not saying you can't ever get them what they want. I'm just saying do it more occasionally and they will appreciate it more.

Your children would rather have you by their side playing in the park, reading books or just listening to something they have to say, answering all of their Why? questions! Remember they are just learning everything and they are so excited to learn something new. So take that extra time to listen to them and give them an answer their little minds are sponges and want to soak in all the information you give them!

I can truly say I never give myself credit on parenting. I feel like I do more things wrong than right. My kids are not always happy with me but that is okay I am here to teach them and make them the best little people that I can. If it means they are mad at me sometimes than I guess I might be doing something right. I'm not going to say yes to everything they ask. They get over it quick and they still love me. In the end maybe they will say thank you for not letting me do everything their friends are doing! When they are old enough I will be that parent that wants to know what they are doing and with who and if I don't approve I will say no! They might stomp their feet, roll their eyes and yell at me but I will know I am doing the right thing and maybe keeping them safe.

I see so many kids these days with no parental guidance and it breaks my heart. You just want to find their parent and shake some sense into them. Children running around the street  wee hours or the night or little 9 year olds playing the role of parents to their younger siblings because the parents rather not deal with them. Little girls running around half naked chasing boys instead of playing with baby dolls or barbie. Our children are losing the innocence of being children far to soon. My nephew is in 6th grade and their whole 6th grade classes stay on lock down because of all the fights the children are having. This has to tell people something about how society is these days. We have to instill morals and discipline in our children so when they are our age they can live in a peaceful and loving world!

I have heard people saying parenting isn't a job and raising kids is easy. they don't know what they are talking about and anyone who says parenting is easy is either lying or obviously not a parent! We have to be our kids chef, teacher, bather, personal assistant, receptionist, playmate, laundry doer, grocery shopper  and driver! We have to be responsible for keeping little people alive,
 growing healthy and  teaching them! I say that is a huge weight on your shoulders and yes it is a JOB! A way more important job than most! 
It is normal to stress out sometimes, to yell sometimes, to have a messy house and not have dinner on the table at the exact time everyday. It doesn't make you a bad parent and it doesn't mean you don't love your family!

Remember to give yourself a pat on the back now and then. It isn't easy but if you are doing your best than that is what counts! If you have you children close by remember to give them sugars, squeeze them tight and love them unconditionally! As long as you are doing that you know you are at least doing something right!

 I look at my children doing good in school, respecting other people and making right choices, without me always by their side and I think maybe I am doing a better job than I give myself credit for.

Me after bringing a 3rd little life in this world! My Kait Kait!
My Three Little Loves! The key to my heart!

Friday, April 12, 2013


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                                     Source: My printed tickets

To let you all know about the Free Braves Tickets from the Mercury insurance car quote. I just received my email with my codes for my free tickets!!! It is legit and it works! They are upper box tickets valid from Sunday- Thursday. Limited One pair per household! This is from my own experience! So go enjoy a game compliments of Mercury Insurance!

Also I need to let you know you can get great seats at discounted prices at STUBHUB.Com. This is where I personally get mine from and they are always guaranteed!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Gabe At the Game Last Wednesday. We scored Brian Jordans Autograph!!

Nothing better than seeing the ATLANTA BRAVES and getting the tickets for free!
As of today the Braves standing is Number 1 in the NL Looks as if of all MLB with 8 wins and 1 loss!

Right now The Home Depot has a promotion going on spend $100 in-store and you get a coupon for 2 free braves tickets!! With gardening and home repairs  it's so easy to spend $100 in Home Depot so go get you some tickets!
Last Year at one of Chippers Last Games at Turner Field!

Also, If you get a online car insurance quote from you receive a code for 2 braves tickets. Free tickets and maybe cheaper car insurance can't beat that. I'm waiting for mine in email it says give them 10 days to send it!

Nothing better than seeing the ATLANTA BRAVES and getting the tickets for free!
As of today the Braves standing is Number 1 in the NL Looks as if of all MLB with 8 wins and 1 loss!

Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!!

Love Taking pics here's one of Atlanta!

Good Afternoon Y'all! Today I have a topic on some of the most addictive and great websites I have come across! I'm warning you now that they are very addictive and you will waste hours on them without notice! These are my favorites!


Pinterest is my new favorite recommended by my sister Jessica. It took a whole lot of convincing and after 4 months I finally opened an account and loved it ever since. If you are having a bad day all you have to do is put in humor in the Pinterest search bar and you will be in such a better mood they have the funniest things on it. I look this up daily just because it brings a smile to my face.
  Also great ideas are on Pinterest categories weddings, birthdays, vacations and holiday planning. Crafts for kids, recipes, DIY projects and beauty tips. You have your own cyber bulletin boards you name as many as you want and then pin the ideas you like to them! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do and be sure to follow my Pinterest  my name on it is Ya Ya's!


Great website! You have your own personal photo album for your family and friends to see if set on private.Or set public and the world sees your pictures! You can follow your family and friends so you get to see them even if they are far away! You also can follow some of your favorites celebrities that have a Instagram. I love taking pictures and looking at them so this is one I'm a huge fan of!


Great website to follow friends, family and celebs on! See whats going on in others lives and also a great way to find out whats going on in your neighborhood. Post your opinions of anything on your mind. Follow me at Ya Ya's Idea!


Very addictive if you love playing online games! You can even win money by a little lottery they have called Chachinga Bingo! You can earn points and spend them in their store for real prizes! Game categories include Casino Games, Arcade, Cash, Quick Play, Card Games,Strategy, Game Show and Words. So many games for whichever you prefer! Have fun playing but remember it is addictive!

Kait before Tazz
                                                                     Kait After Tazz


Last but not least is Tazz. Such a fun website it is a virtual makeover website! Just upload a picture of your face and you can add hairstyles and makeup choices to see how you would look with them!  Above is one I did for fun of my Kait to see what she would look like with hair! This is such a entertaining website!

Check out these websites and let me know of any other fun websites! Hope you have fun and enjoy them like I do !

Monday, April 8, 2013

DIRT CHEAP!! Discounted Flowers! More Money in your pockets!!

Save Money !!

One tip I forgot to mention on my last post.... How to get great flowers at a very very low price. I like to go to Kroger after holidays or anytime really and go around the floral department. When they have discounts you can score big! I got 2 hydrangea plants worth a total of $25 for $2. Plus I always get other plants for great deals!

Also, Lowe's is great they always have an awesome flower selection with beautiful flowers in their discounted section. You can get six pack flowers for as low as .10 and hanging baskets for like $2. You can't beat that unless you dig up your neighbors flowers when they are not at home!

Check out these sights for other savings through out their stores!
                             I hope these tips are useful! Happy Gardening!

Beautiful Flowers for your Gardens!


                                                                            The earth laughs in flowers.” 
                                                                               ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's finally Spring! The one thing I always love about Spring is flowers. I love to plant flowers. They make me happy! So many colors and varieties I feel like I can never have enough. Today I will share the must haves in my garden!

A must have in every southern garden!

Hydrangeas come in white, pinks, blues and purples. I prefer the blue! Growing up my granny had these in her yard. I remember always picking the big blue bouquets and I have loved them ever since!

For info on Hydrangeas click below!

Source: Wikipedia
So pretty they remind me of sunshine!

Daffodils are very easy to grow! You see them everywhere in gardens and out in the wild!

For info on Daffodils click below!

Source: Wikipedia
They smell like heaven!

Gardenias grow on a bush about 5 - 6 ft high . They are a great accent to any garden and the fragrance you can smell for miles! Plant close to your window so when you open your windows you have a natural air freshener!

For info on Gardenias click below!

Source: Wikipedia
Lots of color!

Growing up we always had these in our yard. They give off a lot of color and have so many blooms! Great to pick and put in a vase on the table!

For more info on Azaleas click below!

Source: My Lovely sister Jessica Scott
Such a beautiful mix and very easy to grow!

Wildflower mix is a seed packet I love to buy you don't know what you get until they bloom. Also so easy just throw out the seeds water here and now and watch them grow!

For more info on Wildflowers click below!

Four O'Clocks
Source: Wikipedia
Beautiful flowers with a lovely scent!

Another easy plant to grow and easily multiplies! After the flowers die they leave you with a black seed you can pick off and plant where ever else you would like them! Also you can share them with family and friends!

For more info on Four O'Clocks click below!

Source: Wikipedia
 Another great smelling flower!

So pretty and last a long time. Hyacinths grow from bulbs and can be indoor or outdoor . They smell great!

For more info on hyacinths click below!

Source: Wikipedia
Reminds me of Hawaii!

A big beautiful tropical flower! The Hibiscus remind me of being out on a island enjoying ocean views!

For More info on Hibiscus click below!

I have so many others these are to name a few! I hope you plant some in your garden and send me some flowers you recommend! Happy gardening!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Go Braves!!

Chipper At Bat !!
It's finally opening day for the Atlanta Braves my kiddos have been waiting for this day since we took them to their first game last year to see our beloved Chipper Jones leave us.
  We have tickets for Wednesday's game and we are very excited to go. Gabe made a calender the beginning of March to countdown the days.
The boys at the game!
  If you have never been to a game it's an awesome experience. You have to at least go to one in your lifetime!

 We have always been a Braves Family! I grew up watching the games on TV with my family. I got lost at the Braves parade when I was little. My granny was one of the biggest fans I've known she went to many games in her lifetime and watched every game she could on television. I remember her calling me just to ask what time and channel the game was going to be on. We lost her in 2006 and every time I see a game on that is who I am reminded of.

From my childhood to this day I have loved baseball. My sister and I used to watch the Sandlot a million times when I was younger and the day I was in the hospital to give birth it happen to be on while she was there with me waiting for my Gabe. It was our favorite. We also use to play everyday for hours with the neighborhood kids in a empty lot down the street from us. It was such a great time for us.

 Gabe is on a little league team and wasn't too happy he was picked for the Yankees.Now my kids love baseball and we enjoy it as a family!

Don't forget to watch the game tonight at 7:10 on Espn 2,  Fox Sport South or the MLB Channel on Directv.
Also check out their website at for Braves tickets and information  on Turner Field!

It should be an exciting season with the Upton Brothers joining the Lineup!
Hope you all enjoy the game!