Thursday, May 9, 2013

Keep Our Children Safe!

Life's Treasures!
Hey y'all! It seems like every time I turn on my television I see something to do with kids. Children being kidnapped, murdered or abused. I cannot comprehend how anyone can harm children. They are just innocent little lives.

  As most of everyone has heard, 3 woman were found after a decade of being kidnapped as teenagers. This is such a rare outcome to most of these situations. Such a happy one. These ladies lives will be forever changed due to what they had to endure. It will take a lot of healing. I pray for these women and their families to have peace in their lives.  I am trying to find out if there is a way to donate to help any way possible but I have not found anything. When I do I will update you all with the information.

Here is a link for this story if you are interested in learning  more.

Keep our babies safe!

I am a very concerned mother and I worry about my children every waking moment it seems. Knowing that people in this world are out there hunting down our babies. Our children are so trust worthy. My children like to say hey to everyone they see.

I live in an apartment so everyday I see children outside playing. Most of them have no adult supervision. Parents might start calling them in when it gets dark, but that to me isn't enough to keep our kids out of the hands of these monsters. My sister told me she seen an interview on t.v. about a man who was a convicted child molester. He told the reporter he would scope out apartment complexes and trailer parks because he knew a lot of kids would be unsupervised.

So innocent!
Now I'm not saying you can't let your children go play outside. I just want parents to realize the danger and make sure to keep an eye on your children at all times. Things like this easily happens at the park when you take your site off of your kids for just a second. I've seen on the news a little girl in the toy aisle at the store, and her mother wasn't too far away when a man came up and grabbed her. Thankfully the little girl fought back and screamed and got enough attention he let her go and she escaped.

Not only are our children being targeted outside the home, now they are being targeted inside the home also.
Our kids love the internet and social media. Adults are posing as teenagers to get to know our kids. They get them to trust them and then get them to meet them. This is their chance to harm or kidnap children. Parents you all need to monitor all your children's social media sites. Sit down with them and go through it see their friends and messages. If something to your is not appropriate or you see people you don't approve of make them remove them from their site. Also a great way to monitor is to move that computer out of their rooms and into the living room. Keep it in a more public part of the house and not in their room. These are your kids and they don't need as much privacy as they would like!

It happens everywhere. I want to give you some links to help keep our children safe I hope these help you to better prepare you and your children against these creeps!

This is a great site! It has safety tips for parents and what to do if your child is missing. Take a look at the photos of missing children maybe you recognize one. You can provide very important information to get these children back home.

This is a site where you can put in your address and it will show you a map where all registered sex offenders live in your area. It will show their face and address with their convictions. You just click on any color square on the map to see the details. Remember these are only the registered ones. There is alot more out there that haven't been caught or registered. This site also provides saftey tips.

Here is a site great for kids and parents on safety tips. This guy has been around since I was a kid!

A site to order Child I.D Kits quanity 1- 9 are 9.95 each.

Here you can request a free I.D kit. Also has safety tips.

Online safety tip for kids.

Parents safety tips for monitoring your child online.

This site has tips and advice to protect your children from sexual abuse.

Great site  that gives you advice on some things to do to protect your children.

I really hope these help you. I don't like to think of any of these things and my children but if we don't have this conversation , then we cannot prepare ourselves to protect out children the best that we can.

I have added the missing children gadget to my blog to do the same you can click here The more we can get their faces to the public the more likely we can help.

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