Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Korean Dramas! Who knew!

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Hey everyone!! Today I have to tell you about what I discovered when I had Comcast in 2011. One day I was surfing through the channels and came across a show that looked like something Sam would like. I thought it was going to be an Asian kung-fu film with subtitles. Little did I know it was a Korean historical Drama. So I decided to record it. It happened to be a Korean channel KBS. Sam watched the show and got hooked.
 Later on I started scanning through that station and started watching shows too. We both became addicts. Even though we had to read every word to understand what was going o. We really got into it!

 These shows are considered Korean Dramas also known a K- Dramas and they are really good shows. Great quality and great actors! They make you laugh and cry. If you haven't heard of these they are worth giving a try. You might just find yourself a great new t.v show. They have became a lot more popular since we started watching them. They have shows in categories both men and women can enjoy. My children even started watching them with us. You don't have to worry to much about the content because all of the ones I have watched doesn't have nudity or vulgar scenes.

 I do warn you though these shows do have about 12- 240 episodes each and you will want to watch them back to back.

 Here is my list of some of my favorites so you can look them up! As my sister says the titles are corny. But hey don't let the names fool you!

Can You Heart My Heart?
Flames of Desire
Queen of Reversals
Hooray for Love / (also known as Love Cheer)
Spy Myung Wol
Hwang Jin Yi
Iris / now they have Iris 2
Road Number 1
Cinderella's Sister
No Limit

Here are some great sites to watch them for free! click on shows, then drama  go to Korean dramas on genre selection

Some are also on Netflix! A favorite to a lot of people is Boys Over Flowers. I know that is on Netflix I myself haven't seen this one yet.

So if you are a veteran of watching K-drama you know what I'm talking about. For those who never seen or heard of them before. Maybe you are tired of watching the same type of shows American TV has to offer or maybe just looking for cleaner shows, give Korean Dramas a try and you won't be disappointed! ( Including you Jessie)

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If any of you know anymore great K-Dramas you can recommend for me to watch let me know!

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