Friday, May 3, 2013

My Little Love Story!!

Hi everyone! I'm going to tell you a little love story it's between a girl and her favorite store! Well I have to say the girl is me and the store is Kroger. I'm not sure if Kroger is everywhere but I'm so glad I have one right around the corner.
   I use to not shop here because to me it wasn't the cheapest in town. My feelings changed about Kroger about 3 years ago. I realize their customer service is far superior than any of the cheaper competitors  As I told my sister I go to Kroger for friends that's how friendly the service is. They go the extra mile to treat you with respect and to be as friendly as possible. That's when they stole my heart!
  It's sad I rather pay more just to be in a friendly atmosphere. One giant chain store that starts with a "W" I won't say any names with that. I had to cheat on because I use to love the prices and absolutely hate the customer service. They always are cussing, flirting with each other, soooo very rude with no type of manners and open 2 registers with 500 employees and 30 lanes. The employees always act like they are doing you a favor being there. Well that was my past and I am so much happier shopping!
 Well today I was shopping and they had this awesome in store sale on eggs 75 cents for a dozen medium eggs. Last week  I got them for 99 cents for a different sale and Kroger's medium eggs is everyone else large or extra large sizes. Kroger always likes to treat me to little surprises in life! Well when I walked in my door and checked my email Kroger had done it again it had sent me the sweetest email I have ever read..... it was coupons. Yes I said it right COUPONS. Not just any old coupons but FREE coupons. They want to shower me in a free 24 pack of bottled water, Free peanut butter, free full size bag of chips and  one whole pound of bacon. If that's not love then I don't know what is!

Here I will let you in on a few our secrets to keep love alive !

1. The Kroger Shoppers Card- You can keep it on your keys scan it before very purchase and save on your favorite items. Also earning you points for money off a gallon of gas at their gas stations for every 100 dollars you spend you get 10 cents off a gallon. You sign it up on their website to keep track and also download coupons directly to your card!

2. Manager's Special- Some people are scared to take the relationship to this level. This is items marked down for quick sales I can get a gallon of milk for 1.99 and it doesn't expire for another week. Organic milk originally 6.99 a gallon 2 % and under 2.29 a gallon and Whole Milk 3.29 with a week before expiration. My kids love milk so a week is way longer than I need! I have walked into Kroger needing soy sauce walked out with 7 bottles of Kikkoman each 59 cents. After holidays you can get toys,flowers and decorations like 90% off their original price. I have paid 1 dollar for a pack of diapers with NO coupon. This is just a few examples to keep the spark alive.

3. Sales- They always have great sales! You can get a pack of brand name boneless skinless chicken breast for 99 cents a lbs and crab legs for 4.99 a pound you just have to look for the sales.

4. Customer Service- Like I said before it makes a world of difference. Greeted with smiling faces and genuinely friendly people who makes your shopping experience a pleasure instead of  the dreaded trip to the grocery store.

My tip for great discounts is early morning shopping. That's when they do their markdowns.

Check out their site for yourself! You might fall in love!

Well you guys I hope you enjoyed my story about true love! It's truly one of a kind! Maybe my tips can help you in future shopping outings.

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