Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Kait Loves FREE!!

Hey all my lovely followers! Just letting you know now until Aug. 31st when you buy 4 Red Barron , Tony's or Pagoda Express you can get a certificate you print out for a $12 movie ticket.

All you do is buy the specially marked items with Iron Man 3 on them and look on the inside of  the box for a special code you follow the directions to their site and enter your 4 codes and they will give you the file to print out your tickets. I've done these type of movie tickets through other products and its a great way to take the whole family to the movies for free. You might need some money for the concession stand but when you save 48 dollars on tickets you can afford a few things from the concession stand. Also we have went to the first movie of the day and got two people in with one coupon.

Click below for more information, rules, enter your zip for theaters and to redeem your codes!

Don't forget not all theaters accept these but most do so make sure you look for the participating locations in your area!

I hope you guys take advantage of these offers. Go out on a date night with you signification other, take the kids out for family night or have a night out with friends. Whichever you choose have a great time!

I love letting others in on my great finds! I will always share with you any I find that are worth telling about.

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