Wednesday, August 5, 2015

They Say Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder.....

Sam and I on Crystal Pier Wrightville Beach, NC

Wow! I sure have been away for awhile..... Last post was in October 2013. I can say I have had a lot going on during that time. I let my blogging get away from me. I think it's finally time for my come back. I have really missed my blog. But I feel like we are those friends that no matter how long we go without seeing/talking each other we just pick up where we left off. I hope you all feel the same way!

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island, GA 
 Since my departure Sam and I have bought 2 homes and a little cabin up in North GA near the mountains. We have moved about 45 minutes south of our previous home. It was a lot getting use to. I grew up and lived in the same county for 30 years. I've settled now and can say I am happy in the little town we live in.

Sam and the kids Jekyll Island

 The kids are growing like weeds (the weeds that I need to cut in the front yard) I'd say that's pretty darn fast! Gabe's a 4th Grader and Loganator has went through Pre-K and is now proudly in Kindergarten. School started back Monday so now Kait Kait and me have the house all to ourselves during the day! We read our books, paint our nails and attempt multiple hairstyles thanks to Pinterest for proving me a failure in the hair stylin' department!
The kids Cleveland, GA 

 We stay pretty busy the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 we took a two week trip traveling to Cali and back. Just in 2015 alone we have took trips to Gatlinburg,TN, multiple trips to Helen, GA, Washington D.C to North Carolina's beautiful beaches and just came back Sunday from a last minute mini-vacation to our beloved Golden Isles (the Georgia Coast Barrier Islands) St. Simons and Jekyll Island.

Marsh Views on our bike ride through Jekyll

 I have been doing great things the past year and a half. I even had a seasonal part time job hopefully I will be going back to! I will fill you in as we go along!

Crystal Pier on Wrightsville Beach, NC
 Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly,
 ~Ya Ya~