Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eye Can See Clearly Now

As I blindily sit here waiting to see the eye doctor it reminds me of my first eye exam when I was 7.

My sister and I went together and wanted to pick our glasses. My parents let us choose too. I walked out with some thick lens with clear pink framed beauties (so I thought!) My sister, the same style but purple! We were too cool.

Those same glasses these days have obviously made a comeback. Where at a time when people wanted the thinnest frames, to now the thicker the better. Maybe we were the original trendsetters!

Back then it was an excited experience. Now it's reality. I can't even operate without the help of glasses or contacts. I can't see much but a blur without them.

I'm now waiting for Sam he's trying out contacts for the first time so he is in his class while I finish up this post. It sounds as if they are teaching a child to ride a bike. There's a lot of laugher and firm repeated instructions. It's pretty entertaining!

Thanks for reading!

Yours Truly,
 ~Ya Ya~