Monday, August 31, 2015

SUPPORT your Atlanta Braves!!

My girl knows the Braves are #1 win or lose!

So yesterday we made it to the Braves game. They were playing the Yankees. The Braves were totally destroyed by the Yankees. Not just this game but the whole 3 game series.

I think it is a shame that it felt more like you were in New York than in Atlanta. There were way more Yankee fans than Braves fans.

If you read my blog you know I'm a Braves fan and have been since I was a kid.

This year has been a tough one for the Braves. For one, almost the whole team was traded. For us fans we lost a lot of our favorites. Not to mention we are getting a new stadium in a different location which isn't even in Atlanta (which in my opinion is not needed.)

I myself have complained about getting new players and have had to get use to the thought of new ones. I have learned to live with it. We are not getting those players back so why keep crying over it. What we need to do as Braves fans are support these new guys.

Mark Lemke signing Logan's glove
All I have seen since they have started is, slamming the team. Oh this team sucks, they will never make the playoffs, we have no team. Now people are all over Freeman because of injuries... does anyone know what these players do for a living??? They cause wear and tear to their bodies every time they take the field. Should they even care to win if they don't even have fans who want them?

Maybe as fans if we try and lift their spirits instead of bash them they might feel that loved and feel like they belong. They didn't stand a chance coming into this team when they replaced every player we loved. They didn't choose to trade them and they didn't choose to be on this team. They have big shoes to fill and we must make them feel welcomed in our city.

Whether they are winning or losing we need to support them. We need to turn all this negativity into positivity. Let's not waste the last years at the Ted hating our own team. Find yourself new favorites with the guys we got.

Sitting at Turner Field with a 20-6 score isn't what a fan ever wants to see but I stayed until that final out. I was still Tomahawk Choppin' and cheering them on and I was happy to see a lady and her little boy behind me was doing the same. That is what we all need to do! When others are walking out early we need to stay and let them know we still are here for them.

Not every team is perfect and I know it's hard to support a team that isn't winning but look on the bright side we still have fan favorites Simmons & Freeman for now. We also have the newest fan favorite Jace Peterson! So let's keep our heads up and be there for the 2015 Atlanta Braves.

For those that can't, you might be better off finding yourself a new baseball team to cheer for! We need the fans that are in when things are going bad as well as good!

Let's attend more games or watch the game on t.v and like momma always said if you can't say nothing nice please don't say anything at all!

                                                       Let's go BRAVES!!!