Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Last Game of The Season!

This video is what Gabe watches before baseball to get ready to play. 
It gets him in the zone!

Hey Everyone! We are about to head of to Gabe's last game of the season. We always spend our morning before games watching Chipper Jones YouTube videos. It really gets him in the mood to play! This particular one is his favorite! Gabe says he plays like he is at Turner Field and already in the Big Leagues when he is on that little diamond at our local park. We know it's little league and we are not the crazy parents who take these games too seriously. Watching these videos do make him want to play like a pro though.

My Gabe loves baseball and we love the game too. It is something that brings my family close together. This is the first year he has got to play, last year we missed the deadline. I will really miss going to practice and going to the games! When you join something like this you never imagine you will meet some of the coolest moms. I have meet some great moms and I think we have had just as much fun on the sidelines as the kids!

Well I gotta get going. I do suggest checking out a local team of any sport your child loves. It isn't just a great experience for the children it's great for parents too! Especially if you are a Stay at Home parent!I hope you all enjoy your day!

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