Friday, July 26, 2013

MOVIES!! For A Laughing Good Time!

Hi Everyone! Today I'm in the mood to laugh! Growing up there were few movies that get me into such a laughter that I about peed myself. If you are in the laughing mood or just in a bad mood, you can watch any of these movies to put a smile on your face.Here's my remedy for laughter!

 Sixteen Candles - Rated R
(You can't help but love Long Duk Dong!)

 Happy Gilmore - Rated PG-13
(Look for Ben Stiller, he is soo funny in this.)

 The Wedding Singer - Rated PG-13
(A funny romance)

 Billy Madison - Rated PG-13
(I love the old Adam Sandler Classics)

 Planes, Trains And Automobiles - Rated R
(funny but at the same time a little sad)

 What About Bob? Rated- PG
(My sis Jess and I can watch this a million times and still about pee our pants. Bill Murray Is Great!)

 Weekend At Bernie's- Rated PG-13
(This is for sure to make you laugh!)

 Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly- Rated R
(Has a lot of bad language but very worth it)

 The Endless Summer - Rated PG
(Older surf movie, so hilarious!)

 Super Troopers- Rated R
(such a stupid Funny Movie)

 Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle - Rated R
(The original which is the best!)

Dazed and Confused- Rated R
(Always Brings a Smile to my Face!)

Empire Records Rated - PG-13
(Save the Empire)

I have added a link from with more details for each of these movies. So you can review them before you decide to watch.

** Warning- Some of these movies do have rude or vulgar jokes in them. Not to be watched with the kiddos**

Well there you have it my list of some of the greatest comedies ever made. Please refer me some great comedies sure to make me laugh in the comment area below. Jess I know you are reading so let me know which ones I could have missed!

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Yours Truly
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